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tobaccoasia 75 Cigarette Paper Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited Material for packaging, Cigarette paper, etc Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited Forefront Tower, 3-12-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 104-8656 Japan Phone: +81-3-5548-4090 | Fax: +81-3-5548-4318 BMJ Products: Cigarette Paper; Secondary Product Listings: Plug Wrap Paper, Base Tipping Paper, Straw Paper, Greaseproof Paper, Uncoated Thin Paper, Printed Tipping Paper, Printed Packaging BMJ is the market leader in specialty paper and packaging manufacturer in Asia Pacific, especially in the tobacco industry. The company is a partner of many leading players in the industry across the world. For the specialty paper, BMJ produces papers with standard weights 20 - 40 grams per square meter (gsm). BMJ understands that producing high quality products require a systematic production process, which in every stage is equipped with the latest and world class standard's machinery available in the industry. BMJ's systematic production line is capable to conduct mass, rapid and accurate production, and fully adjustable to certain specification to match customized assignment. The company's third generation defects tracking and prevention quality control system marks paper at its converting machines, so that mapping of defects can be overlaid on the physical paper in real time. This allows BMJs to do precise traceability to roll level to be more effective at preventing product defects. The company is committed in safety of its products; all materials are safe usage for food contact and OBA Free (optical brightener additive). BMJ is committed to sustain the life of forests, and is SVLK certified. Their commitment to identify environmental aspects and to take necessary control to reduce environmental impacts is certified with ISO 14001, for environmental management systems. The most important to the company is human safety. Its implementation of OHSAS 18001 certification is our commitment to continually improve. Personnel: Augustinus Omar Rahmanadi, c.e.o.; Harris CA Titus, marketing director; Liem Khe Fung, business development director BMJ JL. Karawang Spoor, Kec. Teluk Jambe PO Box 54 KW, Karawang 41300 Jawa Barat Indonesia Marketing & Sales Phone: +62 (267) 600 168 / 600 169 / 600 170 | General Office Phone: +62 (267) 601 1030 | General Office Fax: +62 (267) 600 700 E-Mail: PDL Cigarette Papers Cigarette Paper PDL, Papeteries du Laman CS 300 43, Thonon Cedex, 74201 France. Contact: Francis Znidar Phone: +33 4 50 17 05 79 | Trierenberg Holding GmbH Tipping paper TANN Group, A member of the Trierenberg Holding is a world leader in its core competence area of developing, producing, converting, and distributing tipping paper for the cigarette industry. TANN Group is operating for more than 50 years. The global competence network and close cooperation of nine affiliates ensures worldwide service and support with about 1,200 employees. Acting as a group of companies allows Trierenberg Holding a unique flexibility in terms of contingency while considering that highest quality is the minimum standard for demanding customers. For TANN Group innovations are the basis for a prosperous future. TBG Research, the in-house research and development center, is characterized by a high degree of innovation. Only the most advanced technological standards enable the delivery of even more sophisticated products and solutions. One of the latest product innovations of TANN Group is the antistaining tipping. This innovation offers highest protection for the tipping paper against oil stains from the aroma capsule with guaranteed no leakage of the liquids. It is a reliable solution for "single capsule" and "double capsule" filter and slim cigarettes. All basic papers can be used, no changes to the strength and consistency of the tipping paper are necessary. The antistaining tipping can be combined with any type of plug wrap and used for different filter diameters. Another outstanding product innovation is the new soft touch tipping that has been specially developed to achieve a unique haptic quality. Thanks to the low reflection the material has a matte appearance and is especially pleasant on the skin and lips. The combination of soft touch tipping with embossing creates a new and exciting look and feel. Additionally to a wide portfolio of various tipping papers (8,000 different designs), TANN Group provide their customers with self-adhesive tear tapes, innerliners and packaging solutions. TRIERENEBERG HOLDING GmbH Johann-Roithner-Strasse 131 4050 Traun, AUSTRIA Phone: +43 7229 70700 | Fax: +43 7229 70700 70 Email: | If your company is not in the Suppliers Guide, but you would like to be included, we would be happy to do so. Please drop us an email at and we will make sure to include your company's information in a future edition of the Suppliers Guide.

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