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tobaccoasia 19 STORY TELL YOUR BRAND Boegli–Gravures can help you to develop subtle, refined and ingenious ways of elevating your brand's characteristics and enhance your consumer brand experience. Let us partner with you to bring new dimensions to your marketing. Sans titre-1 6 12.05.2015 12:04:10 pictorial and text health warnings across 65% of tobacco packages, deeper track and trace capabili- ties to fight the illicit trade in cigarettes, and a ban on menthol cigarettes after a four-year phase-out period. The revised directives are expected to be determined by early 2016. On May 7, 2015, the European Commission published the Analysis and Feasibility Assessment Regarding EU systems for Tracking and Tracing of Tobacco Products and for Security Features re- port, a study defining the technical standards for traceability and authentication of tobacco prod- ucts. The report said tracking and tracing alone does not provide sufficient protection against at- tempts to counterfeit or manipulate tobacco prod- ucts, but what would is combining authentication and traceability. It also suggests security layering: combining multiple security features to counter the risk of counterfeiting, tampering, and diver- sion. The authors of the report identified 44 sup- pliers of security technology features for tobacco products. These 44 suppliers were categorized into three groups: niche security feature providers, who offer a specialized, yet partial security feature solution package; digital security feature providers, who offer an alphanumeric code-based solution as an overt security feature for authentication; and full-service security feature providers, who of- fer solutions with overt, covert, and forensic ele- ments. The report also addressed the method of ap- plication, which includes: as part of the produc- tion of the packaging material itself; in a specific element of the packaging; printed directly onto the product; self-contained (e.g. label, film, or stamp); and fingerprinting of unique material properties of the package. Some recommendations for traceability by the authors of the report are: - EU standards should allow flexibility in the choice of location for the unique identifier on the tobacco product. - Additional flexibility should be provided for some of the required data elements forming part of the unique identifier to be recorded in the data repository and linked to the unique identifier. - Encryption of the unique identifier may pro- vide an additional security advantage in the con- text of a traceability system, and asymmetric en- cryption provides a mechanism to segregate keys used for encryption and keys used for decryption. - Prevention of possible duplication of equip- ment and solutions on a tobacco production line. - A readiness survey of the distribution chain operators should be conducted to guide the imple- mentation model.

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