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tobaccoasia 61 Switzerland Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Davidoff Master Blenders, having searched the fiery, rich, volcanic soils of the Esteli, Condega, Jalapa and Ometepe regions of Nicaragua, crafted a blend of the finest leaves to create mini cigarillos that struck the perfect balance between bitter and sweet notes to tantalise the palate. "This exciting new Nicaraguan Mini Cigarillo is geared to delight aficio- nados who are searching for more intense and flavorful experiences," notes Charles Awad, senior vice president global marketing & innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG. "Being time poor and experience rich is possible, even in a five- minute escape during a hectic day." The new Nicaragua Mini Cigarillos are made with 100% high-grade to- bacco and are a bitter-sweet, medium to full-bodied variant of the Davidoff Mini Cigarillos range which includes the silver, gold and newly introduced platinum variants and are packed with thrillingly deep, rich aromas. Expertly blended in the Dominican Republic, they deliver the very refinement and subtlety ex- pected from Davidoff, created and produced by Davidoff master blenders in the Dominican Republic: These Nicaragua Mini Cigarillos combine a wrapper of Habano Jalapa, a binder from Sumatra and a filler of Dominican and Nica- raguan tobaccos. The new Davidoff Nicaragua Mini Cigarillos will be available worldwide from July at selected tobacconists and Davidoff Flagship Stores in black matt boxes of 20 or 5 cigarillos. The 5-cigarillo packs are limited to the initial three- month launch period. Their philosophy is the evolution and progressive flavor (EPF) construction method, the old Cuban tradition of cigar making where the flavor gains strength and intensifies from beginning to end. The Roberto Duran brand combines the best quality tobacco fillers from Nicaragua and the Latin American region with their super-premium Habano Criollo Colorado wrapper, produced in Ecuador. From the same producer, the Azan White Line showcases a combination of specially selected leaves from Jalapa and EstelĂ­ in its long filler. If all of the above was not convincing enough, major names are now strongly interested in Nicaragua: in 2013, Davidoff re- leased its first Nicaraguan cigar. The volcanic soil of Ometepe is one of the defining components of Davidoff Nicaragua, though the brand is a blend of tobaccos from the EstelĂ­, Condega, Ja- lapa, and Ometepe regions, creating a right balance of sweet and bitter notes that combine the Davidoff refinement with the intriguing intensity of Nicaraguan tobacco. Interestingly, Dav- idoff has chosen to roll these cigars at their Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic. Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, Oettinger Davidoff AG's ce.o., explains the decision by the fact that Da- vidoff can guarantee everything that comes out of its factory, ensuring total control from crop to shop. Originally, Davidoff Nicaragua was intended to be a limit- ed-edition release but the company has decided on a regular- production brand. And a few months ago, Oettinger Davidoff has announced the acquisition of over 150 hectares of tobacco farmland in the Condega region. The recent developments have shown that Nicaragua can hold a proud place in the list of best cigar producing countries; let's hope it can keep its momentum and continue to amaze afi- cionados as we move further into the 21st century! COUNTRY 2010 2011 2012 2013 %CHANGE 2012-13 Dom. Rep. 113.2 114.7 134.5 133.6 -0.7% Nicaragua 86.0 102.2 103.3 118.9 +15.1% Honduras 57.6 59.7 65.3 63.3 -3.1% Other 1.9 1.9 2.0 1.8 -10.0% TOTAL 258.7 278.5 305.1 317.6 +4.1% Numbers have been adjusted to remove estimated shipments of machine-made cigars. Source: Cigar Association of America (Cigar Insider, April 1, 2014) STRONGER MARKET: GROWING CIGAR IMPORTS TO THE UNITED STATES IN MILLIONS OF CIGARS Numbers show the incredible growth of Nicaragua in the past few years and it might well become the leading country for imports to the United States and elsewhere. COUNTRY 2010 2011 2012 2013 %CHANGE 2012-13 Dom. Rep. 114.7 134.1 129.6 126.5 -2.4% Nicaragua 102.2 103.3 118.9 117.9 -0.8% Honduras 59.7 65.3 63.3 63.8 +0.8% Other 1.9 2.0 1.8 1.9 +5.6% TOTAL 278.5 304.7 313.6 310 -1.2% Numbers have been adjusted to remove estimated shipments of machine-made cigars. Source: Cigar Association of America (Cigar Insider, May 5, 2015) FLAT MARKET: SLIGHT DECREASE IN CIGAR IMPORTS TO THE UNITED STATES IN MILLIONS OF CIGARS

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