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40 tobaccoasia Shisha pipe smoking may once have been the almost exclusive domain of the Middle East, the Levant, and North Africa; but these times have long been bygones. Shishas have embarked on a remarkable victory run around the globe. They are particularly trendy in Europe, where shisha smok- ing is today almost a fashion statement among the young and successful, many of whom increasingly veer away from tobacco and nicotine. While a shisha can of course still be enjoyed the traditional way, it also has re-invented itself in order to keep pace with the demands of 21st century consumers. E-shishas are nowadays just as much a part of the landscape as ingenious devices and accessories that not only do away with the mess of an old-fashioned "water pipe" prepara- tion, but also provide the consumer with a wealth of incredible, ever-expanding flavor choices. This development is of course thanks to the tireless efforts of many companies plying the mar- ket in their quest to gain a competitive edge over competitors by introducing some of the most in- novative and interesting shisha accessories ever seen. In the end it leaves shisha connoisseurs with a wealth of choices to nurture their passion and also furthermore ensures that the shisha arena re- mains dynamic and constantly evolving. Innovation is Key in Shisha Accessories Market Stiff competition not only holds shisha pipe manufacturers in a merciless grip, but producers of shisha accessories are likewise feeling the heat, reports Thomas Schmid. The positive side effect for con- sumers is the emergence of often surprisingly innovative merchandise that their developers hope will give them a much needed marketing edge. By Thomas Schmid

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