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was very poor, which is typical in this part of Florida, and the very basic water system just wasn't fulfilling our needs." Peel called Bob Mast, the owner of Golden Gate Well Drilling, to assess the situation and provide his recommenda- tion. Bob has been the main well driller and water treatment system expert for many of the homes Steve has built or re- modeled over the past 10 years, so the trust level was very high. "Steve really cares about water treat- ment and water pressure in the homes he builds," Mast says, "so much so he wants to know the science behind it and the value to the customer. He is very knowledgeable about the technology available, but this was an opportunity for me to show him a water pressure solution that was somewhat unique for the Florida market." The first order of business was ad- dressing the poor water quality. To do so, Mast began by installing a 2200-gal- lon reverse osmosis (RO) water treat- ment system that removes close to 99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water. These solids included fluo- ride, lime, and all the excess minerals that find their way into drinking water today. A Franklin Electric BT4 booster pump pushes the water through the RO system's membrane at about 140 psi to a 300-gallon storage tank. The Peel family's well water contained 560 ppm TDS measured from the well. Applying the RO system to the existing Franklin Electric water well pumping system, Golden Gate Well Drilling was able to reduce the TDS to between 40 and 52. And, no water is wasted because the RO discharge water is then used for irrigating the lawn. With problem number one now solved, Mast turned to the second phase of the project. The clean drinking water sitting inside the 300-gallon storage tank had to be pressurized into the home. Mast wanted to be sure the previ- ous problems the Peel family experi- enced would not be prevalent with the new water system. Similar to families with low munici- pal (city) water pressure and those with other restricted incoming pressure, the water pressure challenges often led to Steve's wife, Kacy, having her schedule dictated by a water system. She found herself staying up late to do laundry be- cause there wasn't enough water pres- sure to run the washing machine during the evening hours when the kids needed to take showers. These consistent sched- ule changes can wear on a family and cause unnecessary headaches. Cruise Control for Your Water Pressure "There is a large volume of house- holds all over the United States and throughout the world where people don't realize there is a solution for their low water pressure issue, so they just deal with it," says Scott Stayton, director of portfolio management for Franklin Electric. The Peel family was beginning to feel the frustration of having to con- stantly adjust around a lack of pressure. "More than anything, the fluctuation in water pressure was a major nui- sance," Peel says. "We use a lot of water in this house and whenever any- one in the house would use water, the other person would notice a significant water pressure drop. Or, if two people wanted to take a shower, they both re- ceived half the pressure, which is a pain for those with busy schedules like us." So, Golden Gate Well Drilling of- fered up the solution. From the 300-gal- lon storage tank, the water goes directly to the Franklin Electric Inline 1100 con- stant pressure system. This quiet, all-in- one system contains the pump, motor, and drive in a compact package with easy and versatile installation. It starts out running slowly when little water is required, and when another faucet or shower turns on and water volume needs increased, the pump instantly accelerates to the proper speed to make sure the water pressure stays constant throughout the home. Showers, Dishes, and Laundry at the Same Time—Oh My! "The end result has been great," Mast says. "The Peel family is getting bottled water quality straight from any faucet and a constant water pressure of 60 psi throughout the house." For Steve Peel, the benefit goes well beyond just his home. "From a business standpoint, now I feel like I have a good solution that I can recommend to my customers," Peel says. "We build and remodel a lot of homes, so now I can provide a customer with a system that feels like a municipal water system. "For my family personally, it has eliminated the annoyances we had with typical systems. It really responds like a municipal system by providing constant water pressure to the entire home, no matter what else is running. Through it all, we have turned a place we originally planned to flip in a short period into a home we plan to stay in for a long while." WWJ For more information, visit Golden Gate Well Drilling's website at www.ecowater naples.com. To view the Peel's story featured on the TV series Operation Build, visit Franklin Electric's YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/FranklinWater, or visit Franklin Electric's website at www.franklinwater.com. Bob Mast, Golden Gate Well Drilling Sarah Baum is director of communications and marketing services for North America Water Systems at Franklin Electric. Her 14 years of marketing expe- rience has been focused around manufacturing and delivering customer informational tools and metric-focused results. She can be reached at sbaum@fele.com. waterwelljournal.com 36 September 2015 WWJ PRESSURE from page 35

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