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Protect Your Groundwater Day (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org AWWA Indiana Central District and Indiana Ground Water Association Joint Education and Well Abandonment Field Day Carmel, Indiana. (888) 443-7330. www.indianagroundwater.org The Water Expo, Fall Edition: Serving Water Quality, Water Supply, and Wastewater Miami, Florida. www.thewaterexpo.com Shale Gas Tight Oil Water Management Cost-Reduction Training Week Bakersfield, California. www.sgto-training.com The Vision Thing: Leading Upward (online brown bag session). (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org Discover the importance of organizational vision development and communication—and how it can enable you to be a better leader— during this half-hour online offering p resented by NGWA CEO Kevin McCray, CAE. NGWA Upper Great Plains Groundwater Conference Cheyenne, Wyoming. (800) 551- 7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org/GreatPlains Gain insight on groundwater issues such as availability and quality, water scarcity, and low recharge rates being encountered in the Upper Great Plains. New Mexico Ground Water Association Fall Blitz— CEU Classes, G olf Tournament, Fundraiser Dinner Las Cruces, New Mexico. www.nmgwa.org Annual Georgia Association of Groundwater Professionals Well Show and Trade Exhibition Savannah, Georgia. https://gagwp.wildapricot.org/event-1827805 2015 NGWA Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rock Burlington, Vermont. (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org/FracRock Receive a synopsis on the use of innovative techniques, cutting- edge research, and lessons learned from practical experience regarding characterizing and remediating groundwater in fractured rock environments. Nebraska Well Drillers Association Baroid Mud School Geneva, Nebraska. www.nebraska welldrillers.org Texas Desal 2015 Austin, Texas. www.texasdesal.com/events/2015- conference.html Washington State Groundwater Association Fall Convention Everett, Washington. (206) 351-6384 The Sinkhole Conference: Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst Rochester, Minnesota. www.sinkholeconference.com 30th Biennial Groundwater Conference and 24th Annual Groundwater Resources Association Meeting Sacramento, California. http://grac.org/am2015.asp 21st Annual Florida Remediation Conference Orlando, Florida. www.env iro-net.com Indiana Ground Water Association 2015 Fall Field Day Indianapolis, Indiana. (888) 443-7330, www.indianagroundwater.org Earth Science Week www.earthsciweek.org 60th Midwest Groundwater Conference Bentonville, Arkansas. www.irwp.org 2015 California Groundwater Association Annual Convention and Tradeshow Reno, Nevada. www.groundh2o.org/events/tradeshow.html Empire State Water Well Drillers Associa tion Fall Meeting Queensbury, New York. www.nywelldriller.org/news.asp Pumping Test Design and Aquifer Analysis (short course). Westerville, Ohio. (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org This two-day course is designed to help you actively build a skill set in aquifer-test procedures and analysis. National Geothermal Day 2015 www.geothermal day.com Oregon Ground Water Association Fall Convention Redmond, Oregon. (503) 390-7080, fax (503) 390- 7088, nancy@ogwa.org Shale Gas Tight Oil Water Management Cost- Reduction Training Week Calgary, Alberta. www.sgto-training.com Energy Savings with VFDs (online brown bag session). (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org Learn how you can increase energy savings with variable frequency drives du ring this half-hour online presentation. Nebraska Well Drillers Association Exclusive 2015 North-Central Nebraska Geological Field Trip Nebraska Panhandle. www.nebraskawelldrillers.org The Importance of Proper Motor Grounding (online brown bag session). (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org Learn the importance of proper motor grounding—and how to do so—during this h alf-hour online presentation. Indiana Ground Water Association Fall Education Conference and License Testing Greenwood, Indiana. (888) 443-7330, www.indianagroundwater.org Washington State Groundwater Association Driller & Pump Installer Seminar Spokane, Washington. www.wsgwa.org/events-ceus.htm Washington State Groundwater Association Driller & Pump Installer Seminar Pasco, Washington. www.wsgwa.org/ev ents-ceus.htm *Dates BOXED in red are National Ground Water Association events. *Dates shown with are events where the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation's McEllhiney Lecture will be presented. Coming EVENTS September 30–October 1 November 6 November 5 November 3 November 7 October 27 October 5–9 October 6–7 October 9 October 11–17 October 14–15 October 16–17 October 26–29 October 23–24 October 19–20 September 8 September 11 September 25 September 26 October 20 October 30 September 15–16 September 21–24 September 22–23 September 22 September 28–29 September 28–30 October 15–17 October 1–3 October 8–9 waterwelljournal.com 52 September 2015 WWJ

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