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September 2015

Water Well Journal

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Well Guy Products Creates Tank Draining Tool In the well business, there was al- ways the dreaded waterlogged tank— the one you can't even move that would be in a well pit or a basement with no floor drain. After lugging tanks around and trying to drain them a hun- dred different ways, the "Little Buddy" tank draining tool from Well Guy Products was born. Now you can drain the tank before you move or disconnect it. Simply strap the "Little Buddy" on the tank to seat the custom seal against the tank. Hook up any drill to the specialty bit and drill through the tank and bladder. Drain the tank anywhere using a gar- den hose. Add air to displace the water. www.wellguyproducts.com Featured PRODUCTS Solinst 425 Discrete Interval Sampler Shows Range of Versatility The Solinst Model 425 discrete in- terval sampler is stainless steel, con- nected to LDPE tubing, and mounted on a convenient reel. It can be used to profile open bodies of water, boreholes, and col- lect samples from distinct levels or points of inflow. This no-purge sampler is pressur- ized before being lowered, and upon retrieval, to prevent mixing. A hand pump is used to provide pressure. Pressure is released at the desired depth to obtain a sample. Discrete interval sampling is ideal for obtaining truly representative groundwater samples from below floating product layers, or for obtain- ing samples of the product itself (LNAPL and DNAPL). www.solinst.com SIMCO 7000 Rig Performs for Geothermal Installations The SIMCO 7000 drill rig is ideal for water wells and a wide range of geothermal installations. This tandem- axle truck-mounted rig has a field- proven, PTO-driven, all-hydraulic system providing a clean, uncluttered package easy to use and simple to service. Choose the carousel capacity, the mud pump size, and the air package that best matches your work require- ments. Backed by warranty, the SIMCO 7000 is ready to go to work every day. www.simcodrill.com waterwelljournal.com 54 September 2015 WWJ vi and ser et y k Mar h es ic duc o our pr ts c H O J T J U S F W E " H S P " 8" ( / N ! T F M B T t / X X X t H S P A WA NG

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