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The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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burners—an emphasis on education and training that continues to this day, and one of the reasons for which OESP honored Carlin/Hydrolevel. Hydrolevel Co. was founded in 1965 by Michael DeLeonardis. According to "The Hydrolevel Story," a summary of its begin- nings published by the company, a boiler explosion at a New York Telephone building in Manhattan that claimed the lives of 21 people on October 3, 1962, caught the attention of DeLeonardis because it was caused by an undetected low-water condition; as it happened, DeLeonardis, of Farmington, N.Y., was experimenting at the time with an electronic, water-level device for steam boil- ers. DeLeonardis had developed his idea in Italy, where he had trained as a steam engineer before World War II. After immigrat- ing to the United States, he refined his ideas while working on shipboard steam boilers in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, according to the history. Using water as an electrical conductor, DeLeonardis designed a control utilizing a "probe" sensor. The electronic control monitored the level of the boiler water without the use of moving parts that can wear and stick. An innovative time delay mechanism was incorporated, which allowed the probe to be used in the "violent water" of a steam boiler without short-cycling the burner. He took the idea to New York Telephone, which was investigating how to avoid a recurrence of the tragic explosion. The telephone company recognized the advantages of the design, and in 1965 the electronic control was specified for all New York Telephone buildings. Hydrolevel was established as a company, and the Safgard trademark was launched and production of the first probe-type low water cut-off was underway, according to the Hydrolevel website. Today, Hydrolevel incorporates its proven technology into a line of temperature limit/low water cut-off combinations, low water cut-offs for steam and hot water boilers, multi-purpose tank level controls and condensate pump controllers. Hydrolevel's steam controls include the programmable VXT Water Feeder, the CycleGard foam-compensating cut-off, 1100 Series Mini controls and 500 Series cut-offs for commercial boilers. The new Fuel Smart HydroStat control performs as a low water cut-off, as well as a temperature limit control and boiler temperature reset. C. Cowles & Company was founded in New Haven in 1838. The company evolved from a manufacturer of lanterns for horse drawn carriages to a precision metal stamping company, produc- ing components for U.S. and Japanese automakers. Today, with six operating divisions, C. Cowles & Company has diversified into plastic injection molding, commercial lighting, automotive accessories, boiler controls as well as burners, controls and igniters for the heating industry. www.fueloilnews.com | FUEL OIL NEWS | SEPTEMBER 2015 35 BUSINESS OPERATIONS l F O N

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