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48 tobaccoasia MANUFACTURING NEWS 制造新闻 Rhodia Coloured Tow - Bringing Colors to Your Filter In a market where strong change is rare, Solvay Acetow's Rhodia Coloured Tow is a valuable alternative to the more traditional white. The new product was specifically designed for markets where differentiation is the key, enabling the customers to always be one step ahead of main consumers' requirements. Rhodia Coloured Tow represents a new range of colored filter tow. Today more than 10 colors and shades have been developed so far. The product offers endless possibilities in combining colors and different shapes of acetate filter rods and is therefore a unique opportunity to customize cigarette filters. Rhodia Coloured Tow provides a reliable performance as known for Rhodia Filter Tow and can be used with existing filter makers. The process used for the production is the same as for standard tow: cellulose acetate is mixed with up to 1% of color pigments depending on the color. The possibilities are almost endless such as plain colors (either full bright colors or pastel shades as well as mixed with white), dual concentric or dual shaped, tube or NWA shaped with color behind, dark color with white additives. Colored filters represent a step change in consumer patterns rather than an innovation in technology. Solvay Acetow tested Rhodia Coloured Tow on several consumer panels during the recent years, including one in Asia. In each case the test panels revealed a sensitive reception from consumers. The results of the Asian consumer panel showed that consumers were willing to embrace new filter design - especially it is meaningful within clearly defined boundaries. In particular young women, aged 25 or less, were most interested and fascinated by colored filters. The consumers questioned in the study favored three colors: green for menthol, blue for light, and black for confidence and sophistication. These three colors therefore seem to have very clear, well-established recognition value for consumers. Consumers want colors with a personal meaning and that connect to their cultural references and trends. According to them the colors shall represent the following points: their motivations (social integration and self assertion); the occasions when they consume cigarettes (clubbing, meeting friends, work, break, etc.); and anticipated personal benefits (personal pleasure, trendiness, individuality, premium quality, belonging, collective entertainment, etc.) New On-line NIR Tobacco Sensor Removes Need for Re-calibration Perten presents the DA 7440 over-belt sensor for continu- ous measurement of moisture, nicotine, sugars, and more in tobacco, with no re-calibration between batches. The DA 7440 diode array based NIR sensor provides significant advantages to older filter technology sensors. Where filter technology sensors use only 4 to 6 wave- lengths to measure the product, the diode array technology of DA 7440 produces a continuous spectrum. This reveals important information about the tobacco allowing moisture and oven volatiles testing with no re-calibration between batches. It also enables accurate measurement of additional parameters including nicotine and sugars. The DA 7440 is accurate and saves money by significantly reducing labor and lab analyses as no adjustments are needed. It allows processors to tighten specifications for nicotine and sugar and avoid recalls. The DA 7440 readily integrates with plant control systems using Profibus and other protocols. It comes with a 12" IP65 touch screen for at-line display of results and trend charts, Wi-Fi communication capability and much more. DA7440 Vini Mahajan, Punjab's principal secretary for health and family welfare, has asked the food supplies department to ensure that tobacco companies are not able to launch smaller packs. The move by the tobacco industry follows a recent ban imposed on the sale of loose cigarettes by the Punjab govern- ment. Mahajan said that the ban was intended to bring down tobacco consumption in Punjab. "Due to less cost of these packs, they are easily available to young consumers and by not allowing these packs, age of initiation of tobacco can be delayed," she said. "Punjab is the first state in India to ban the sale of loose cigarettes (as single cigarette sticks)." Mahajan said the state's tobacco control cell has been passionately pursuing the agenda to bring down tobacco consumption in Punjab and banning of loose cigarettes was a step in that direction. Health minister Surjeet Kumar Jiyani said strict action would be taken against those violating the ban on sale of loose cigarettes.

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