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74 tobaccoasia / Issue 4, 2015 (September/October) By Allen Liao The recently unveiled "internet plus" action plan has become a very hot term in China. As far as its basic meaning is concerned, so-called internet plus refers to an in-depth integration between the inter- net and traditional industries and fueling economic growth by leveraging all information and commu- nication technologies to promote transformation of established industries. Some recent examples of such leveraging in- clude internet+traditional markets, which has giv- en birth to the Taobao e-commerce platform, inter- net plus traditional banking, which has given rise to the formation of the Alipay online payment sys- tem, and "internet plus" traditional social contact, which has led to the emergence of the WeChat messaging and calling APP. The significance of "internet plus" lies in its ability to promote creativ- ity in the real economy while rapidly changing the pattern of sectors and industries, reducing costs, and increasing labor productivity. In a government work report delivered in Bei- jing last march at an annual session of China's na- tional legislature, premier Li Keqiang said, "We shall formulate the internet plus program of action to integrate the mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, and the internet of things (IoT) with modern manufacturing, to promote healthy development of e-commerce, industrial networks, and internet banking, and to guide internet-based enterprises to increase their international presence." Although internet plus implies systemic transfor- mation, it does not necessarily mean destabiliza- tion of traditional industries. Rather, it means pro- motion of traditional industries' integration with the internet, upgrading traditional industries, and developing new points of economic growth. In conducting an inspection of the tobacco industry of east China's Zhejiang Province at the end of June 2015, director-general Ling Chengxing of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration Embracing "Internet Plus" As integration between the internet and traditional industries goes deeper leading to new forms of busi- ness, the tobacco industry in China is actively embracing the so-called era of "internet plus" by inten- sively developing online operations in both manufacturing and marketing. China Tobacco:

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