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BY WENDY AMY Assembling the PARCEL PUZZLE Like any challenging jigsaw puzzle, it takes a collaborative approach to fit and assemble the pieces. provincewide, seamless and consistent parcel layer improves internal support of GIS applications and spa- tial decision making across its business units. In early 2010, under the direction of Manitoba Hydro's Geospatial Data Services, the MNC/Esri Canada team set out to design, develop and create a parcel base- map conforming to Esri's Integrated Cadastral Fabric data model (version 9.3) from more than 850 existing disparate parcel datasets. This key foundation GIS layer now provides Manitoba Hydro with an integrated and consistent parcel feature—something no other single agency had yet to accomplish in Manitoba. M 22 GEO W ORLD / M A RCH 2O12 anitoba Hydro, the major energy provider for Manitoba, Canada, now fully realizes the benefits of completing a parcel puzzle. This single-source, Infrastructure Data

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