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December 2015

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Page 42 of 95 Good Fruit Grower DECEMBER 2015 43 ONLINE The following are great sources of information about grape clones and provide growers and winemakers with information about how they might perform in the vineyard and winery, according to Jeff Sample of Terroir Nouveaux Nursery. National Grape Registry website ( – Designed to be a single, comprehensive site containing information about all grape varieties and rootstocks available in the United States, including nursery source contacts. Supported by University of California, Foundation Plant Services, and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Foundation Plant Services website ( – FPS is a self- supporting service department of UC that produces, tests, maintains, and distributes tested plant materials for use by California nurseries. Sample recommends reviewing old Foundation Plant Services newsletters that can be accessed under the site's publications tab. ENTAV-INRA Catalog of Wine Grape Varieties and Clones Cultivated in France – Catalog can be purchased from Foundation Plant Services (, phone: 530-752-3590). When looking for red grape clones for Washington's cool sites, Sample advised growers to stay away from Cabernet Sauvignon clones 08 and 21. "Based on data from California, they are late maturing and too high yielding for many of our sites in Washington." He suggested Cabernet Sauvignon clones that mature in mid-season, such as 02, 04, 10 and 47/337, a group that will work if yields can be controlled. Of that group, 02 is the latest maturing and 47/337 has yields in the mid-range. Clones that are early maturing also have potential, including 06, 22/23, 24, 33/34 (also known as French 191), and ENTAV 169 and 412. "I would focus on these if you have a later maturing site," he said. "I really like 191 with its tight clusters and small berries. It's been an awesome clone." For other varieties, he recommends: —Cabernet Franc: The Category A clones 11 (214) and 12 (337). —Malbec: 09 (Cot 180), 10 (Cot 46), and 12. Clone 10 (Cot 46) sets a big crop. —Merlot: 15 (181), 20 (348), 25 (314), and 26 (343). All Merlot clones, including 1, 3, and 6 are great, he says, but 15 and 26 are the highest rated in the new ENTAV-INRA catalog. "If you called me today and said, 'I have this site that has marginal heat units of 2,300 growing degree days and can ripen Cabernet most of the time, what should I plant?' I would recommend Cabernet Sauvignon 33/34 (French 191). It's Category A and is rated to produce well-bodied wines with keeping quality. However, in the new catalog, there's a warning that excessive water stress may block maturity." Cabernet Franc 11 (French 214) is another Category A that produces well-bodied wines, he noted. He likes Malbec 09 (Cot 180) that is in Category B. For Merlot, he says the Merlot 26 (343) is a Category A and the highest rated clone. In the newest ENTAV-INRA catalog, Merlot 15 (181) is rated for making wines of distinction. Lastly, he recommends Petit Verdot 02, with the caveat that it is late maturing and growers will need to control yield every year. • Call us FIRST for the largest selection of trees and rootstocks available NEW APPLE rootstock! 1-800-421-4001 Phone: 503-538-2131 Fax: 503-538-7616 E-mail: Web: Call us FIRST 1-800-421-4001 From the breeders of Bud 9: • Vigor between M-9 T337 and M-9 Pajam®2 • Yield efficiency similar to M-9 T337 • Dwarfing • Cold hardy • Disease resistant • Fireblight tolerant B10 ® cv. Mich 96 USPP 21,223 Services are FREE TO GROWERS! Future contracts for cherries, pears, and apples; ALL ROOTSTOCKS. TURBO 96 • Turbo 96 2-PT • Dome deck • 8-ft. cutting width • Adjustable offset w/cyl. • Cutting height 1.5 to 12" w/cyl • Blade overlap 4" • Divider box center: 120 HP; outboard: 110HP • Blade tip speed 17,004 FPM • Cutting capacity 2.5" • Side skirt .25" x 10" RHINO TURBO SERIES ROTARY CUTTERS VALLEY TRACTOR & RENTALS 4857 Contractor's Drive • East Wenatchee, Washington 509-886-1566 • 1-800-461-5339 YAKIMA IMPLEMENT & IRRIGATION 1922 S. First Street • Yakima, Washington 509-452-5867 • 1-800-572-2239

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