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January 2016

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Page 4 of 39 GOOD FRUIT GROWER JANUARY 1, 2016 5 Tatura Trellis origins D ear Good Fruit Grower : I was saddened to read that Richard Lehnert had passed away. I learned a lot from reading his articles. "Faraway regions form a growing relationship" (October 2015, Good Fruit Grower) is a beautiful story about a rich country helping a poor country. I am involved with assisting a consultant in Uzbekistan, Shuhrat Abrorov, who was trained in California with finan- cial help from the USAID Aglink Project and who visited Australia last year. He wanted to come this month with a couple of his clients, but was refused visas from the Australian embassy in Moscow. I don't have the whole story (yet), but have asked Shuhrat to try to give the Australian embassy a copy of your article on Kyrgyzstan, because the conditions in Uzbekistan are very similar to those in Kyrgyzstan. It was interesting to see that the orchard on the cover of the August Good Fruit Grower consists of Open Tatura system. Fruit growers in the United States don't call this system by its assigned name, but that does not matter. Jason Matson calls his trellis just V-trellis, which is really an A-plus-V-trellis, much like what Grady Auvil started. In fact, the original Tatura Trellis consisted of steel A-frames, joined together to make Vs (1973). Our prototype mechanical harvester did not fit under the A-frames and needed to go over the canopies, so we decided to make it all V-frames. More changes were made later when treated pine poles proved to be cheaper than steel poles. I tried to keep a simple nomenclature to keep the names of Tatura Trellis separate from the Open Tatura system, which is used in Australia, but not in some other coun- tries, maybe because they have been hybridized. Bas van den Ende Shepparton, Australia UVC in use in Brazil D ear Good Fruit Grower : About the UVC technology ("Ultraviolet lights the way," Good Fruit Grower, November 2015), I want to tell you that inspired by the research of Dr. Charles Wilson (retired U.S. Department of Agriculture researcher based in Kearneysville, West Virginia) and his team, we did research at EMBRAPA (the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) to control postharvest diseases of apples and other fruits. Now, a Brazilian company is marketing the machine to be used in packing facilities. I'm sending you a link to the website and a picture of a UVC machine on an apple packing line. Best regards, Rosa Maria Valdebenito Sanhueza Vacaria, Brazil Remarkable Richard D ear Good Fruit Grower : Great tribute to Richard Lehnert in the October Good Fruit Grower. Richard did an occasional bee story, and I was always impressed at the quality and depth of his writing. Unlike some bee stories in other publications, I never found a misstatement or misquote in anything Richard wrote (on bees or on any subject). He really did his homework and you could tell he spent lots of time on any subject he tackled. Although it's not in my field, I found his article on Honeycrisp storage quite well done — factual, and easy to comprehend. Good Fruit Grower readers will miss Richard as much as you and your staff do. Joe Traynor Scientific Ag. Co. Bakersfield, California IN THE BOX Write us at 105 S. 18th Street, #217, Yakima, WA 98901 or email UVC machine on an apple packing line. 1261 Ringold Rd., PO Box 300 • Eltopia, WA 99330 We ship nationwide, so please call for price and availability! CONTRACTS for 2016 and beyond! Custom Contracted Apple, Pear, Cherry & Peach Trees ➱ TOP QUALITY ➱ VIRUS TESTED ➱ VERY COMPETITIVE PRICING HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT TREES ! Call for: • TREES • ROOTSTOCK • INTERSTEMS • BENCH GRAFTS • SLEEPING EYES • ROYALTIES TIME TO FINALIZE: • 2016 Bench Graft & Sleeping Eyes • 2017 Rootstock Needs! STACY GILMORE 509-266-4669 Stacy Gilmore •

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