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BY ANDY MEHOS AND JIM ELLIS Staying in the WORKFLOW The Philadelphia Streets Department Integrates GIS and Mobile Technology wide scale at all hours of the day. We have the capabili- ties to capture an unforgettable moment and instantly share it with others, download information wherever we are or video chat with a friend across the country. It should therefore come as no surprise that this technology is being integrated deeper into businesses and government agencies. The ability to instantly gain access to crucial information was a luxury that has become the standard in recent years. The Philadelphia Streets Department (www. recently became the first city T he development of mobile technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of peoples' lives. Mobile devices enable us to stay connected on a world- agency to take full advantage of mobile technology. It launched two new mobile projects, one focusing on code enforcement and another on field-asset management. The Streets Department leveraged GIS technology for more than 15 years, so it was only logical that a GIS component would play a key role in the projects. Field Hardware The Intermec CN3 Mobile Computer was chosen as the mobile device for these projects. The CN3 was selected from a number of similar handheld devices due to a combination of cost, features and options that best met project requirements. 18 GEO W ORLD / APRIL 2O12 Mobility/GPS Special Issue Government Applications

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