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36 tobaccoasia MANUFACTURING NEWS 制造新闻 Zimbabwe New Plant from China Discussions between the Zimbabwean government and officials from the China State Monopoly are expected to lead to the set-up of a tobacco manufacturing company based in Harare. Zimbabwe's finance and economic development minister, Patrick China- masa, was quoted by Newsday as saying, "We are getting indications from China and for a longtime we have been engaging with China. There is a state monopoly of tobacco in China and you cannot get tobacco whether raw or processed into China, unless through the state monopoly company." "We have been asking them to get a quota in China, but they refused then we changed tact and said they could come and make a factory to manufacture cigarettes. If successful, they can come and set up a factory and export cigarettes to China. Four decades of experience in filter-making technology at Hauni have gone into developing KDF 5MF. Field tests with the drum-based multifilter maker drew a positive response from filter manufacturers. Despite the company's decades of experience and countless preliminary tests, they still wonder whether the machine will really be up to the chal- lenges of a day-to-day manufacturing environment. It had been agreed with the filter manufacturer that testing should take place at their factory from April till September 2015. Now it was up to the new Hauni multifilter maker, KDF 5MF, to demonstrate its capabilities in terms of performance, flexibility, and quality. Not just in the lab but on the shop floor too. By June, the customer's decision- makers, having seen how well the machine was performing in the tests, were impressed enough to buy the machine. "Quality, accuracy, and versatility are essential criteria for us," says the customer's group operations director. "That was why we agreed to host this NEW ITM Ceres Tax Stamper Module EU TPD II is almost here. Within several months, new legislation will demand health warnings covering 65% of the front and back panel of the pack. Although the exemption period provides an escape for three years to relocate the stamp position, the space above the health warnings is not allowed to be used for branding or other advertisement. By May 2019 the tax stamp has to be relocated on both Hard box and Soft pack. ITM's latest development Ceres not only takes on this challenge, but goes even further. By not interfering with the existing stamper, it enables you to swap back and forward between the traditional and the new TPD stamp position. ITM Ceres in short: EU TPD II ready; full flexible stamp positioning; easy to swap between traditional and TPD stamp position; fast integration with minimum downtime; and one technology for multiple packing platforms ITM Group consists of different companies that are able to supply technology to different markets within the tobacco industry. ITM supplies the cigarette industry, while SCM and GTS-SCM service the cigar-industry and where TDC takes care of the world of MYO/RYO, shisha dosing and packing and e-cigarettes. ITMGroup has production sites in the Netherlands, Poland, Britain, Germany, the Dominican Republic, and Luxembourg, and sales and service centre's around the world. It offers original spare parts, technical know-how and measurement tools, all in order to enhance or refine existing equipment. For reservations and more information contact: ceres@itmgroup. "You can actually put even more flexibility into your manufacturing process by adding an optional third and fourth filter run to a KDF 5MF configured for dual filter production," explains Marco Scheffler from Hauni's product consulting engineering department. "As the filter runs can be combined flexibly to make a dual filter, KDF 5MF makes it possible to switch formats even faster." The extremely dynamic movement in the filter market makes it all the more important for a machine's design to anticipate manufacturers' future needs. Even in its basic version, KDF 5MF exhibits dependable manufacturing performance, a high level of precision and gentle material handling in making a wide variety of filter versions from all the materials currently used, even under the conditions of mass production. "We can't predict what else the filter market will come up with, but whatever the future holds in store, KDF 5MF gives us a sound basis on which to move forward," says Scheffler. "We'll be continuing to develop more applications for our multifilter maker in close consultation with customers." five-month test with KDF 5MF at our facility. The results were so convincing that we decided to purchase the machine for our locations in Hungary and the US. Apart from having to switch formats we also use a variety of materials, so we expect the short conversion times will help to make our process more flexible." Whatever the choice of filters, KDF 5MF has the flexibility to switch quickly from one to the other and still ensure consistently top quality products. KDF 5MF – Hauni's New Benchmark in Flexibility

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