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February 2016

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February 2016 | Boating Industry | 15 MONTHLY RESEARCH LEAST OPTIMISTIC We asked readers what segments of the market they were least optimistic about for 2016. Sterndrives and fiberglass were the most common answer. Here is some of what readers had to say. "Sterndrive. Lack of layout flexibility, maintenance costs, shorter season." "Sterndrive. No real new product, pollution control is an added layer of complications." "I/O runabouts and cruisers are very slow as larger outboards have taken over." "PWC interest is lacking, repair cost too high." "Inboard/cruisers. The category as a whole is flat. Has priced itself out of reach for many." "Sterndrive. Too many problems with parts and cost." "Fiberglass power under 24 feet. Aluminum is taking over this category." "Sail. People don't seem to have/make enough time for sailing." "Walkaround cabin models. Customer not spending overnights on a boat." "Used boats because inventory availability is declining." "PWCs. The thrill is gone." "Sterndrives – the least demand, hard to work on and costly to maintain." "PWCs. I believe they have saturated the market." "I/O – innovations not enough to swing the buyers." "Inboard cruisers. Too much competition in the used and brokerage market." segment this year, compared to 29 percent who said the same last year. Overall, cruiser sales have been down 4 percent since 2010, according to Info-Link data. There also seems to be a little more optimism for the runabout segment, with 42 percent expecting an increase in 2016, compared to the 34 percent who expected sales to grow in 2015. Last year, 23 percent expected the category to decline, while this year only 14 percent expect it to be down. PREDICTED GROWTH BY PROPULSION TYPE SALES EXPECTATIONS FOR 2016 Increase Flat Decrease Outboards 80% 18% 2% Sterndrive 25% 44% 31% Inboard 35% 48% 17% Jet 36% 51% 13% Sail 16% 64% 20% PREDICTED GROWTH BY BOAT SEGMENT SALES EXPECTATIONS FOR 2016 Increase Flat Decrease Pontoons 74% 22% 4% Deck boats 60% 31% 9% Runabouts 42% 44% 14% Cruisers 32% 52% 16% Ski/Wake 59% 32% 19% PWC 41% 44% 15% Freshwater fish 60% 37% 3% Saltwater fish 71% 25% 4% Source: Boating Industry survey MOST OPTIMISTIC We asked readers what segments of the market they were most optimistic about for 2016. Pontoons, outboards and fishing lead the way for most, but here is some of what they had to say. "Outboards – cost, flexibility." "Outboards – continued advancements in the prod- uct and consumer demand for it." "Aluminum boats powered with outboards." "Four-stroke outboards; a good, clean running upgrade." "Outboard/pontoon/fishing. Innovation in this category continues to evolve and grow." "Pontoon demand still growing and evolving even in mature markets." "Small outboard boats with smaller hp engines." "Outboard pontoons only area that is not just recycling existing customers." "Jet boats, Forward Drive – novelties with limited competition." "Smaller outboard boats due to affordability." "Dual console boats for family recreation." "Inboard ski and wake boats because of the popularity of wakeboarding." "Tri-toons are hot. You get a lot for your money." "The traffic we are seeing is insisting on outboard power by a large majority." "High-end outboard boats with 2-plus motors. Only customers in the market are very wealthy with high disposable income." "Sterndrive. Fuel prices are down." "Outboard-powered center consoles. The market will continue to ex- pand as boaters become more practical in their purchases." "Saltwater fishing with outboards." "Fishing outboards will continue to grow because it is one of the few boaters with a purpose." "Sterndrive – Mercury's new engine offering."

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