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February 1

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18 FEBRUARY 1, 2016 GOOD FRUIT GROWER Viticulture W inemakers have long held that the changing color of a grape's seed serves as a harvest signal, that the greener the seed at harvest, the more tannin characteristics and bitter taste imparted to the wine. However, researchers at Washington State University have found that changes in seed color have less to do with wine tannins than previ- ously thought. In fact, their results after one year's study were so different — and opposite — from what was previously thought, they completed a second year of study to confi rm the results. "It's an interesting one, mostly because we don't think winemakers should be paying attention to seed browning," said James Harbertson, associate professor of enology at the Chateau Ste. Michelle WSU Wine Science Center in Richland, Washington. "It just doesn't really change how much tannin gets extracted in the wine." The project was born, Harbertson said, by an argument. He and former WSU doctoral candidate Federico Casassa of Argentina, now an assistant professor of enology at California Polytechnic State University's wine program, both believed that if winemakers have more green seeds at harvest, they'll end up with horrible, bitter-tasting wine that no one will want to drink. The argument centered on whether the theory could be tested. "He didn't think we could actually do the study as we designed Grape seed COLOR has LITTLE EFFECT Study upends thinking that wine's taste depends heavily on color of the grape seed when harvested. by Shannon Dininny 120 N. Naches Avenue | Yakima, WA 98901 | 509.853.3000 1420 Fifth Avenue | Suite 3000 | Seattle, WA 98101 | 206.626.6000 At Stokes Lawrence Velikanje Moore & Shore, we take the time to understand what's important to you. We have decades of experience working with agricultural clients and deep knowledge of the business and legal issues they face. Let's reach your goals together. Realizing Your Vision Estate/Succession Planning George Velikanje Garon Jones Ellen Jackson Business/Real Estate Morrie Shore Dustin Yeager Charissa Johnston Litigation/Employment Brendan Monahan Sarah Wixson Sean Russel Andre Penalver ◆ 503.626.7943 ◆ Leaders in the Analysis of Water, Soil and Plant Tissue ◆ Maximum Residue Level (MRL) Analysis, both Domestic and International ◆ Custom MRL Fruit Profile for Tree Fruits, Berries, and Grapes. Fruit Profile is Designed for Global GAP/audit or Sales Samples. ◆ Comprehensive Pesticides Profile that Covers over 250 Compounds in Fruits and Other Agricultural Commodities. ◆ National Organics Profile for Certified Organic Growers and Processors ◆ ISO 17025 Accredited, PJLA Accreditation #64422 Pacific Agricultural Laboratory Specialists in Pesticides Residue Analysis Since 1995

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