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live with family Ask Doctor Mom When sibling disputes simmer By Dr. Kristin Seaborg Inspiring Exploration For future scientists Little scientists of all ages will love The UW-Madison's 10th Annual Science Expeditions. Held at the Wisconsin Insti- tutes for Discovery on April 14, the event promises interactive exhibits, workshops and more. For even more family-friendly exploration, visit Edgewood College's Family Science Night (pictured) on April 16, where you can investigate science phe- nomena at hands-on learning stations. If your grade-school kids (ages 6-10) need a regular science fix, stop by UW Space Place's Saturday Science Workshops for exciting new topics to discover each week! For growing naturalists Naturalists of all ages will be awed by Olbrich Botanical Gardens' "Light Gaps" exhibit, opening April 7, which will explore how light affects more than 650 tropical plants at the center's Bolz Conservatory. Or for a tasty adventure on the same day, Poynette's MacKenzie Environmental Education Center's Maple Syrup Festival will offer lessons in syrup-making meth- ods, live music and a delectable pancake 24 BRAVA Magazine April 2012 Encourage your little learners at a sampling of educational events and classes created just for them breakfast in the great outdoors. Later in the month, head over to Aldo Leopold Nature Center for the "Sprouting Grass" work- shop April 24-25 where children ages 2-5 can embark on a spirited search for signs of spring. For budding chefs When your child's kitchen interests ex- tend beyond making a mess at the dinner table, put a culinary lesson from the pros on the menu. The Madison Children's Museum presents workshops aplenty, in- cluding the April 6 "Cooking with Eggs" class, where children ages 3-12 will learn new techniques after gathering eggs from the museum's resident chickens. At Whole Foods Market, kids ages 5-12 will whip up healthy eats at the April 9 "Meatless Mondays" and April 11 "Healthy Baking" workshops. Plus, the east side Willy Street Co-op will welcome those ages 6-12 for "Kids in the Kitchen: Excellent Eggs!" on April 20. For more information about these venues, visit Like many parents, I recently found myself struggling to think over the constant bickering of my two boys, ages 7 and 5. Whether the discussion is over a seat in the car, a Lego creation, or what we're having for dessert, Alex and Will find a way to fight about it. So, part in desperation and part for my own edifica- tion, I thought sibling rivalry would be a good topic to discuss this month. When reviewing the literature on sibling rivalry, one of the most com- mon themes I discovered was that, as upsetting and as frustrating as this tension can be, it is 100 percent normal. As parents, we are very important in our child's lives and they'd rather not share us with anyone (at least until they're teenagers!), so siblings naturally compete for our attention and love. Depending on their personalities and how we respond to their actions, this rivalry can be more pronounced or less noticeable in different families. But when this bickering gets loud in your house, it can be stressful for anyone within earshot. To help calm the waters, encourage your children to solve the problem on their own without your intervention. If you have to get in- volved in settling a fight, try not to favor one child over the other. As a general rule, avoid comparing siblings to each other and celebrate their differences instead. Also try to hold a weekly family meeting when all family members can express their feelings and thoughts in a safe environment. Finally, remember to catch each child when they are being good and praise them for the choices they're making and for what a wonderful kid they are. While you weather the storms, remember that it won't be long before they're compet- ing for someone else's attention instead of ours! Kristin Seaborg is a pediatrician with Group Health Cooperative and mother of three. Photo courtesy of Edgewood College

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