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from our staff what I've learned this month... by Hannah Maurer It's a Small, Small World Our cover headline, "A Small World," can't help but make us think of the iconic song. "Th ere's so much that we share that it's time we're aware, it's a small world af- ter all." (You can thank us later for having the tune stuck in your head!) Th is month's story (p. 41) is about fi ve local women who remind us that the world is as small or large as we make it, and has shown us how to take our passions and talents and put them to work for good. For some it's in our own backyard, but for these amazing women, it is creating change around the globe, one person, one initiative at a time. In your own world, we're offering a bit of inspiration. To add excitement to week- night dinners, we asked four local chefs for easy-to-make recipes. Find their recom- mendations on p. 53, then get cooking— we'll be over for dinner at 6 p.m.! If you're looking to brighten your world, look no further than the styles on p. 56. Our style team has found easy options for adding a bit of life to your wardrobe. It will put a smile on your face during any of April's rainy days, guaranteed. Finally, we're taking you out to the 150 With curly hair, I admit I go through the occasional pound of hair spray in the morning. But now that I know stress and excessive products may result in the ever-dreaded comb- over, I will be switching to less harmful ways of styling my 'do. "Live in Style," p. 19 I couldn't Th e number of fi lms I will aspire to see during this year's Wisconsin Film garage for a primer on what's going on un- der the hood of your car (p. 48). Whether you tackle your own car care at home, or want to speak the same language as your automotive professional, this will help you know where that dipstick really is. Th at's not all! As spring hits its stride, Madison explodes with things to do. Don't miss our introduction to the woman behind this month's Wisconsin Film Festival on p. 11, the man behind one of April's most creative fundraisers, Busking for Books, on p. 28, along with loads of events and activi- ties throughout the entire issue. Get out, give back, brighten your life. Creating the world you want to live in starts with you, today! " " Festival. To me, movies are far superior to other forms of entertainment. "Live in the Moment," p. 11 agree more: I think every child should feel like a king or a queen on their birthday. "Someone You Should Know," p. 36 How to spend one of these beautiful spring days: I knew Madison rocked, but I love fi nding out new (and free!) things to do! "Play Around Town," p. 65 Sarah DeRoo Editor in Chief 8 Michelle Reddington Publisher BRAVA Magazine April 2012 How to properly eat wine and cheese. Who knew it was so simple? Light with light, heavy with pungent. "Play With Your Food," p.70 We Stand Corrected! In our March issue, we misidentifi ed two of the hilarious women who are part of the Monkey Business Institute ("Madison's Moms of Comedy"). Our sincere apologies to Sheila Robertson and Jennifer Salas for the new identities. We're thankful you have great senses of humor!

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