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12 STiR tea & coffee industry international / Issue 1, 2016 (February/March) EQUIPMENT NEWS Zero Waste Single-Serve Coffee System TerraCycle and Solabev have partnered to produce a zero coffee waste capsule system for business and the higher-volume needs of commercial foodservice enterprises. For offices and hotel lobbies especially, single-serve machines eliminate any instances of leftover, unused coffee, according to a joint release. "The demand for single-serve coffee isn't going anywhere, and neither is the waste that comes from it," said TerraCycle's c.e.o Tom Szaky. "SolaBev's new capsule, which holds up to 25 grams of coffee, brews more per serving, allowing fewer capsules to be used." SolaBev founder Michael Szyliowicz said that "By working with TerraCycle, we are able to address an unmet need for a single-serve brewing system that enables its users to responsibly dispose of their coffee capsules." Founded in 2001, TerraCycle, Inc., is the world's leader in the collection and repurposing of hard-to- recycle post-consumer waste, ranging from used chip bags to coffee capsules to cigarette butts. SolaBev offers two machine models: the Mini and the Pro. Learn more: Calibrating Coffee Sensory Plan Beverage sensory and quality management solutions provider FlavorActiV Ltd., and Coffee Enterprises, have partnered with UK roaster Square Mile Coffee to develop an innovative coffee sensory calibration program to address the challenges with inconsistent sensory evaluation and quality control testing for coffee. The sensory plan includes taster training, a coffee defect taste kit and taster calibration using self-directed online validation. Blind samples are sent to participants to test individual and panel tasting abilities. Dr. Javier Gómez López, head of coffee sensory at FlavorActiV, said; "For quality control and sensory professionals, being able to correctly detect, identify and name faults without the inconvenience of waiting for faulty coffee to appear reduces the risk of undesir- able (and brand-damaging) coffee reaching the consumer." "Calibration tools are essential for roasters, traders, baristas, and producers around the world for improved quality control and education, not only for the premium and specialty coffee markets, but for all levels of coffee quality," said Coffee Enterprises president Dan Cox. Learn more: Speedy Filler For Fresh Roast Capsules K-Cup has won the hearts of Americans by its convenience. However, many coffee drinkers have started looking for the single-serve or Keurig-compatible capsules that contain more freshly roasted coffee. If you stand in the long isle of K-Cups in a grocery store, you'll see shoppers turn the boxes around trying to find the "filling" or manufacturing date of the cups, according to a release from United Home Technologies manufacturers of the iFill, in Vancouver, Wash. If history is a sign, the new trend of single serve coffee will surely be freshness. Signs like "Roasted & Filled this Month" or even "Roast of the Week" may appear in the single serve coffee isles of grocery stores sooner than we all expected, predicts the company. iFill machines are designed to enable specialty coffee roasters to "roast, fill and deliver" single-serve cups the same day and to lead this new trend. The iFill is a mid-capacity fill and pack machine that can produce 3,600 K-Cups per hour. It runs on 110v and does not require an air compressor. "It is the most affordable single serve packing machine in the industry. You can build a $1 million business (2.5 million-cup capacity) with an investment of $10K," according to the company. The machine runs from 800 to 9,000 cups per hour and can produce 7.5 million capsules a years. Learn more :

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