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February/March 2016

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CULTURED 145 FIVE EMERGING ARTISTS TO WATCH CAMERON ROWLAND "His sculptures tackle abstract notions that are difficult to not only address but to make visual: legal contracts, social structures, black markets. In his most recent body of work exhibited at Artists Space, he points to the contemporary exploitation of labor that connects back to slavery." JARED MADERE "Madere is like an inter-dimensional traveler, assembling materials he collects through space and time. After his debut at the Whitney Museum last fall, I'm excited to see what unpredictable installations he'll present for his first solo show at David Lewis this spring." ÅYR "A London-based collective, which focuses on interiors and architecture, has been humorously and incisively addressing the polemics of our sharing economy, touching on ubiquitous Ikea furnishings as well as the monetization of our homes." DORA BUDOR "Known for incorporating props from movies into her sculptures, Budor creates works that resemble a dark combination of architectural structures, cellular forms and human bodies." OTO GILLEN "A young photographer who maintains a humble and sincere approach to making pictures, Gillen has been focusing on streetscapes and interiors of his native New York to examine the gentrifying forces that have changed so many major cities."

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