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February/March 2016

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164 CULTURED DI GIT AL THIS INSTANT We are living in what feels like a RENAISSANCE. The rules have changed. POWER HAS SHIFTED to a burgeoning breed of digitally minded creators who shape our present and will CODE OUR FUTURE. Attention spans have shortened. The beauty of all of the technology and access, available at the swipe of a finger, IS THE CREATIVITY IT HAS EMPOWERED. We can now COLLAGE, ANIMATE, build fantastical worlds with a click of a mouse, print in the third dimension and EXPERIENCE A UNIVERSE OF CONTENT in the palm of our hands. In this issue, you will DISCOVER THE INNOVATORS, game changers, tastemakers and creatives who bring us the most forward-thinking ways of life in every byte. —@KarenRobinovitz #CULTUREDMAG

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