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March 2016

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Volunteers Sought to Develop Water Well Pump Systems Standard NGWA is calling for professionals to volunteer their time as subject matter experts in the creation of a new American National Standards Institute third-party-accredited standard for water well pump systems. Volunteering on committees and task groups can be used toward continuing education requirements for NGWA Certifi- cation—including working on draft standards. More information about the Water Well Pump Systems Standard is available at www.ngwa.org/Professional-Resources/ standards/Pages/Water-Well-Pump-Systems.aspx. Meetings will be hosted online via collaborative software, conference calls, and email communication. While all these are helpful, the only technology necessary to participate in task group work is a telephone and preferably a fax machine or email address. Interested volunteers are asked to respond as soon as possi- ble by filling out the Standard Development Task Group app- lication located at the link above. For more information, contact Jessica Michell at jmichell@ngwa.org or (800) 551-7379 (614-898-7791), ext. 511. CPI Certification Gives Water Well Contractors Leading Edge The National Ground Water Association Well Construction and Pump Installation Certification Program, which started in 1970, is the only national certification program for contractors and pump installers in the groundwater industry. Through this program you may earn the Certified Well Driller (CWD) and/or the Certified Pump Installer (CPI) designation. Doing so shows off your expertise and dedication to your profession. "The certification process lets the customer know that choosing a licensed and certified groundwater professional is in their best interest and will assure them the man or woman on the job understands their project and is up to the task at hand," says Todd Hunter, CWD/PI, owner of Ground Water Pump Systems in Boulder, Colorado, and a member of NGWA's Board of Directors. Governed by groundwater contractors who understand the daily activities in the field, the program is designed to demon- strate pride in the job and promote professionalism in the groundwater industry. It is recognized as the leading program in the industry by numerous state agencies that have adopted the tests for their own programs. To learn more, visit www.NGWA.org. Under the "Profes- sional Resources" tab, click on "Certifications and exams." The LOG CPI-2016 national ground water association CERTIFIED ABILITY EXPERIENCE KNOWLEDGE 18 March 2016 WWJ waterwelljournal.com An Insurance Program for the Groundwater Industry Coverage Available ŵ dustry. ment in ip dwater equ for the groun Ɛ ƌ Ğ ů ů Ă ƚ Ɛ Ŷ ŝ Ě Ŷ Ă Ɛ ƌ Ž ƚ Đ Ă ƌ ƚ Ŷ Ž Đ ͕ Ŷ Ž Ɵ Ă ů ů Ă ƚ Ɛ Ŷ ŝ Ɖ ŵ Ƶ Ɖ rillers, core sampling d eeds of water well and n e u iq n e u Coverage is customized to meet th Contact Us ected t usiness Well Pro our B Keep Y Ž Đ ͘ Ɛ ŝ ů ů ŝ ǁ Λ Ğ Ɛ Ă Ğ Ɖ ͘ Ɖ ͘ LJ ƌLJ Ă Ś Đ Ă nj ϲ ϭ ϯ ϳ Ͳ ϲ ϱ ϳ Ϳ Ϭ ϲ ϴ ; ͮ Ğ Ɛ Ă Ğ W ͘ W Ś Đ Ă : act t n roker co t or b agen ave your h ard on WellGu Ŷ Ž Ɵ Ă ŵ ƌ Ž Ĩ Ŷ ŝ Ğ ƌ Ž ŵ ƌ Ž & ϲ www.wellguard.com ͘ Ğ Ő Ă ƌ Ğ ǀ Ž Đ Ĩ Ž Ŷ Ž Ɵ Ɖ ŝ ƌ Đ Ɛ Ğ Ě ů ů Ƶ Ĩ Ă ƌ Ž Ĩ Ɛ Ğ ŝ Đ ŝ ů Ž Ɖ Ğ ƚ Ğ ů Ɖ ŵ Ž Đ ƌ Ž Ĩ Ŭ Ɛ Ă Ğ Ɛ Ă Ğ ů W ͘ Ě Ğ ƌ Ğ ī Ž Ɛ Ğ Ő Ă ƌ Ğ ǀ Ž Đ Ğ Ś ƚ Ĩ Ž ǁ Ğ ŝ ǀ ƌ Ğ ǀ Ž Ĩ Ğ ŝ ƌ ď Ă Ɛ ŝ Ɛ ŝ Ś d * ƚ Ŷ Ğ ŵ Ɖ ŝ Ƶ Ƌ Ğ Ě Ğ Ő Ă ŵ Ă Ě ƌ Ž Ĩ Ğ ŵ Ž Đ Ŷ / Ĩ Ž Ɛ Ɛ Ž > ͻ Ğ ů Ž Ś Ͳ Ğ Ś ƚ Ͳ Ŷ ǁ Ž ͻ Ă ů ů Ğ ƌ ď ŵ h ͻ Ğ Ŷ ŝ ƌ Ă D Ě Ŷ Ă ů Ŷ / ͻ Ğ ů ŝ ď Ž ŵ Ž ƚ Ƶ ͻ LJ ƚ ŝ ů ŝ ď Ă ŝ > ů Ă ƌ Ğ Ŷ Ğ ' ͻ LJ ƚ ƌ Ğ Ɖ Ž ƌ W ͻ

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