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March 2016

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L awyers know persuading a judge and a jury often requires more than simply having the law on their side. How a lawyer presents his case, the witnesses, and the evidence can greatly influence whether he wins or loses. The same is true in sales. While you may have a product or service appearing to be a perfect solution for your prospect, simply laying the facts out before him or having a good relationship with your prospect does not guarantee you will win the sale. Decision-making is a complex process. Prospects are busy, often juggling multiple roles, priorities, or challenges. Some are married to their current solution—no matter how faulty— or hold inaccurate or dated beliefs. How do you get these busy decision-makers to consider your case and give you a fair trial? If you have recognized a valid need for your product or service within a prospect and know you can provide value, take a cue from legal minds and work on presenting your case in a way that motivates, in- spires, or persuades your prospect to make the right decision. Long-standing courtroom research shows making a strong argument for your case and being seen as a credible source are the most effective ways to win a case. However, recent re- search on the subject of persuasion reveals some additional techniques can improve your chances. Here are three of these techniques and how you can apply them to your sales efforts. 1. Eliminate hesitant or vague language from your delivery. As it turns out, not only are those "ahs, umms, and errs" in a conversation distracting, they make it harder for people to pay attention to you. In turn, these "filler words" JULIE HANSEN ACT LIKE A SALES PRO MAKING A STRONG CASE Proven techniques from the courtroom can help you close sales. 56 March 2016 WWJ waterwelljournal.com oug hr T olving S gh Resea oundw r g G Hear notable speakers er Summit t a oundw Gr y p w industr ello Join f e ch and P ar h er C t a w . Suthan Suthers s including Dr il 24-27 in D pr e A ing plac t tak ound the w om ar essionals fr ofe r e tic ac r P allenges ing er , who will be deliv san, PE . ado olor , C er, C v en A t the 2016 NGW ld a or w g . Suthan Suthersan, PE Dr e earn mor L o , and c e , shar t onnec C oun r ts/g igh er r t a W • ou r er/g t a e w fac Sur • er with t a oundw Gr • om l n rsthand fr ear L y oda or T Toda fo tion emedia R eclaim "R , alk Ta the H2O Hear notable speakers tt o a er t egist and r e eds of y e with hundr t a ollabor . w er la t a ndw tion ac er t er in t a undw y esilienc als and r w a dr ts in se xper y e eading industr " . w o r omor and T Tomor y e es: Br c esour er R t a W ur ming O . Suthan Suthers s including Dr e t a oundw r t G a end t . our peers y ssions such as: er t a oundw oughs in Gr eakthr ing er , who will be deliv san, PE g! or erSummit t ' Don e earn mor L SUM A G NGWA Gr SUM egis ly r y — ear t dela tt o a er t egist , and r e April 24-27 • Denver dwater MMIT oundwater Gr MMIT es end M t a tion r a str e t a oundw r t G , a end t olorado , C 7 • Denver 2016 ch 18. ar M g! .or erSummit

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