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March 2016

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Page 17 of 43 18 | Boating Industry | March 2016 t oday's customer is a complicated individual. They are more skeptical and less impulsive, and they do more online research before purchasing than ever before. They are interested, but their lives are so busy that they can't stay focused. They have more money than during the reces- sion, but they aren't sure if they want to spend it just yet. How do salespeople keep up to close the sale? Show me the proof Getting past the skepticism is dependent upon providing proof. There's a difference between saying your manufactur- ers are the best and your customer service is top-notch, and providing specific reasons why. "When people are shopping, they're looking for the answer to the question 'What is the best decision I can make?'" said Matt Sellhorst, founder of Boat Dealer Profits. "'Because we have the best warranty,' 'because we have the best service,' is meaningless, but if you just add a little bit, go another step or two to explain what you mean by that in more specific terms, I think you can overcome that skepti- cism a lot quicker." For instance, the FIVE STAR program at Springline Yacht Sales, LLC is a delivery and training service the deal- ership provides customers, which is similar to what most STEP by STEP How to build a top-notch sales operation BY BRIANNA LIESTMAN ILLUSTRATION ©ISTOCK.COM/ENIS AKSOY

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