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March 15

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Page 10 of 47 Good Fruit Grower MARCH 15, 2016 11 A worker at Smeltzer Orchard Co. sorts Northern Spy apple slices for frozen pie fi lling in Frankfort, Michigan, during an IFTA post-conference tour stop. The plant can peel, core and slice between 250-300 bins per day. Lisa Jenereaux compliments grower Bill Lentz on his SweeTango apple trees in Beulah, Michigan, during the IFTA tour of northwestern Michigan in mid-February. Jenereaux, an IFTA board member from Nova Scotia, Canada, told Lentz he was doing about as good as he could with SweeTango on Bud 9 rootstock in sandy soil. One of Michigan's few V-trellis systems towers over 2-year-old Honeycrisp apple trees at the Riveridge Land Company. Operations manager Justin Finkler made the switch to V-trellis, which is much more common in the Pacifi c Northwest, to make piece-rate labor more attractive and boost production to 100 bins per acre with 90 percent pack out. MORE TO SEE Look for more IFTA Michigan tour coverage and photos in upcoming issues and online at The quality of our trees is matched only by the quality of our service. At ProTree Nursery we understand that you rely on quality — both in product and in service. That's why we plant only the very best varieties and cultivate lasting customer relationships. We work hard to make your job worry-free — fulfilling your orders completely and standing by our trees, even after you've planted them. For a reliable tree resource, call ProTree Nursery today. 10500 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood, CA 94513 800.634.1671 or 925.634.2191 (Alison Clegg or Richard Chavez) 877.457.6901 (Henry Sanguinetti) M E M B E R O F w w w . p r o t r e e n u r s e r y. c o m Apples Aztec Fuji ® (DT-2 cv) Banning Red Fuji (USPP 16,624 P2) Buckeye ® Gala (USPP 10,840) Cosmic Crisp™ 'WA 38' cv (USPP 24,210) Firestorm™ Honeycrisp Honeycrisp™ (USPP 7197) Lady in Red * (USPP 18,787) Royal Red Honeycrisp ® (USPP 22,244) September Wonder™ Fuji (USPP 11,193) Ultima™ Gala (USPP 13,753 P2) Available on B10 ® , B-118, EMLA, Geneva ® , M-9 T337, NIC -29™, or Pajam #2. ** * Trademark license for Pink Lady ® brand available upon request. Cherries Benton™ Bing Black Tart BlackPearl ® Brooks™ BurgundyPearl ® Chelan™ Coral Champagne Cristalina™ EbonyPearl ® Available on Colt, Gisela ® , Krymsk ® , Mahaleb, or Mazzard. * * ** Not all varieties are available on all rootstocks. Call for specific grafting information. Lapins RadiancePearl ® Rainier Selah™ Skeena™ Sweetheart™ Tamora Tulare™ Vans NEW! NEW!

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