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April 2016

Water Well Journal

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Featured PRODUCTS KRYS Enterprises Designs New WellGuard Filter KRYS Enterprises introduces a filter to stop airborne particles from the air entering a well. They remove 99.7% of airborne particles and are simple to install. There is no need to cut wires or change well caps. KRYS has models to fit 4-, 5-, and 6-inch wells; other diameters can be made. This patented design allows for easy filter replacement and complete unit removal when pump replacement is required. A unique foam collar made of ethylene-vinyl acetate seals the space between the well casing and the filter. This material does not absorb water and does not promote the growth of bacteria. It is recommended the WellGuard Filter be changed every three years. www.wellguardfilters.com StoneAge SpinCat Nozzles Assure Wellbore Cleanout StoneAge Inc.'s SpinCat line of simple, self-rotating downhole nozzles provide the optimum choice for more comprehensive wellbore cleanouts. A patented, viscous fluid governor con- trols the rotation speed to maximize hydraulic horsepower and cleaning power. Using its computerized flow calculations to select optimal jetting for the scope of work, the SpinCat will perform with hard-hitting power. The SpinCat's replaceable jets are efficient and clean irregular surfaces without damaging liners, screens, or other well internals. The SpinCat's ro- tating action effectively suspends sand and other solids for circulating out. www.stoneagetools.com Solinst Levelogger Junior Excels in Indicating Overall Water Quality The LTC Levelogger Junior from Solinst is a multi-parameter datalogger that records water level, temperature, and conductivity readings. The LTC Levelogger Junior com- bines memory for 16,000 sets of read- ings and a 5-year battery in a ⅞ × 7½ inch waterproof, stainless steel hous- ing. The conductivity sensor is simple to calibrate, providing 2% accuracy of readings from 500 to 50,000 µS/cm. Users can communicate with the LTC Levelogger Junior using intuitive Solinst Levelogger software or an app on their smart device. The LTC Level- ogger Junior is excellent for saltwater intrusion investigations and providing a general indication of overall water quality. www.solinst.com waterwelljournal.com 50 April 2016 WWJ Ǥ ǡ Ǥ ǡ Ǥ Ǥ ǡ U D S V $ ³ P P R F H E H Z Y L G Q L D O O D W QW G Q D V H X O D 9 H U R & U X R I R W U V U H P R W V X F U X R R W W QW H P W L O O D U R I W F H S V H U Q L H Y H L O H Q L \ W L U J H W QW L G Q D \ W V H Q R K V O D X G L U X R G Q D V V H Q L V X E I R V W F H S V D K W J Q L W H H P R W Q R L W R Y H G V X R X Q L W QW ´ V U H P Q H , D I N E · N E R U B N A V H T U O S 5 1 2 2 & 1 , 2 & ) ( * H L U W V X G Q , F H W V $ Q D 3 2 . 0 8 5 E N O H P · 3 0 7 3 7 A S U , A M O H A L K O \ Q D S P R & V H ǡ Ǥ Ǥ ǣ Ͳ ͺ ͷ ȋ ͳ Ϊ ǣ ϔ ϔ Ͷ ͵ ʹ Ȍ Ͳ ͺ ͷ ȋ ͳ Ϊ - ͳ Ͷ 1 4 1 4 . 4 3 P R F R F I H J # V H O D V W Q L ā P R F R F I H J # V H O D V P R G ā · P R F R F I H J Z Z Z ǡ Ǥ ǡ ͹ ͹ ͻ Ȍ - ͸ ͻ ʹ ͵ ͳ Ͷ ͳ X Q L W QW R F V U H P R W V X F U X R I R V G H H Q - W QW H G L V H U 3 Q R P U D + Q R U D $

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