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Clockwise from left: Jeff Zimmerman's hand-blown opaline glass sculptures; Michael Smith; an installation view of Zimmerman's show at Duke & Duke. The latest space the famed interior designer Michael Smith has transformed dean of design is one of his own—the Los Angeles gallery, Duke & Duke. BY RIMA SUQI Why did you choose to open a gallery? I've always felt that design galleries were underrepresented, especially in California. How many shows do you aim to have every year? Four to six; it's important to focus on the quality and to make sure each has the right amount of time to bloom. How do you choose who to show? We either have had a history with them from the design side of the business or we have admired them and feel that they would do well in California. It is amaz- ing how few well-known design artists have been exhibited here. In your opinion, what is the difference between a designer and an artist? It is based on the individual's experience and how pieces are considered within the context of the environment they're in. Do you consider everything you show at the gallery to be art? Yes. Most of the works we have exhibited are either one of a kind or small editions. Each is made by a master craftsman. Each explores and pushes the boundaries of design in the same way a contemporary artist does. It's a dif- ferent mentality than creating a product line. 60 CULTURED How do you see the ability of the types of design/art you specialize in at Duke & Duke to transform a room? It is not that it should transform a room. It's about complementing a room in beautiful ways. What do you think about the increasing number of contemporary design fairs? It is great, as they highlight the designer as artist, strengthening the industry that will lead designers to have a viable secondary market. The amount of new fairs popping up shows the dedication of the collector and that there is a demand for contemporary design as there traditionally had been for antiques. Tell us about the current show at the gallery. What about Jeff Zimmerman's work appealed to you? Jeff is a true artist—a master glassblower. His work is a modern spin on tra- ditional glass, yet has the background in traditional glass practices. He has an amazing sculptural approach to lighting and is also a really nice guy. Who else has caught your eye recently? Matali Crasset, Albert Paley, Philippe Anthonioz and Justin Beal.

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