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StateWays n n March/April 2016 14 [ PROFILE ] ENFORCEMENT Despite its reputation for running stellar events, Mollica is quick to point out that the primary roles of the NHLC are enforce- ment and education. With more than 4,500 licensees across the state, the agency works to hone its strong relationships with local government, law enforcement and community partners, who are all working towards the same goals: teaching people how to serve and consume alcohol responsibly, and making sure all regulations are being followed properly. One of the most important areas of focus is working to re- duce the number of vehicle fatalities due to intoxication. Michael Milligan, Deputy Commissioner for the NHLC, credits the com- mission's partnerships with New Hampshire police departments and other local agencies for making this possible. "We as an agency can do things during an investigation that law enforcement offi cials can't do, and vice versa," he explains. "For example, we can follow up with a licensee after an accident to see if all proper processes were followed. We look for different things than the police do during a criminal investigation. And we share those resources with each other, which has made a real impact." In addition to collaborating on enforcement efforts, the NHLC works with law enforcement agencies and other groups on building educational awareness. Licensees are reg- ularly invited to the agency's headquar- ters for seminars on how to effectively run a beverage establishment. Detailed licensee guidelines and resources are also available online for people to access at any time. Other educational outreach efforts are targeted toward the general public, especially young people. During Alco- hol Awareness Month in April, the agency sponsors a yearly poster contest designed to empower students to create mes- sages about the dangers of underage drinking. In addition to awarding prizes to the winners, the selected posters are duplicated and displayed in liquor and wine outlets across the state. A special driver's education course is also geared toward young people. Enforcement offi cers teach the course and allow students to experience simulated effects of driving under the infl uence by wearing fatal vision goggles. The gog- gles mimic driving conditions under various levels of intoxi- cation, and students drive a golf cart through a cone course to physically experience the effects. The course is offered at many high schools and is also run at many community events. "We try to engage the young people through our program- ming and get them talking about these issues," Milligan states. "These activities also spark conversations between students and their parents at home." A unique informational campaign titled Live Free and Host Responsibly aims to reinforce messages about responsible service and consumption to both licensees and consumers. Developed The commission's website redesign won it a Control State Best Practices Award in 2015 for Best Technology Innovation.

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