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StateWays ■ ■ March/April 2016 6 F Y I JIM CLERKIN ELECTED CHAIR OF DISCUS The Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS) has elected a new Chair. At its annual members meeting on February 25, 2016, DISCUS chose Moët Hennessy North America CEO Jim Clerkin as Chair of the national trade association, which represents the makers and marketers of distilled spirits sold in the United States. Clerkin suc- ceeds Campari America Chairman Gerard (Gerry) Ruvo, who has chaired the Coun- cil since 2013. Clerkin has more than 30 years of do- mestic and international experience in the beverage alcohol industry. The member- ship of the Distilled Spirits Council also re- elected Sydney Frank Importing Company, Inc. Associate General Counsel, Vice Presi- dent Michael J. Rudy, Treasurer and Kraig R. Naasz, President. U.S. GOVERNMENT RENEWS HAVANA CLUB TRADEMARK FOR PERNOD RICARD The fi ght over Havana Club Rum took another turn, as the American govern- ment renewed the brand's trademark for Pernod Ricard. The renewal of the trademark registration in the United States is valid through January 27, 2026. Bacardi has disputed the de- cision since the government temporarily renewed the trademark for Pernod Ricard in January. Bacardi believes that it has the rights to Ha- vana Club Rum in America. Havana Club Rum's founding family fl ed Cuba in 1960. The family failed to renew the brand name in 1973, and Cuba took ownership of the trademark three years later. The country and Pernod Ricard sell about 4 million 9-liter cases of Havana Club outside the U.S. a year. Bacardi maintains that Cuba confi scated the trademark illegally, while Bacardi obtained it in America through legal means. Bacardi testifi ed before Congress in defense of its position. The case will proceed in U.S. court. renew the brand name in 1973, and SERRALLES FORMS NEW DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Serrallés USA has formed new long-term agreements with fi ve family-owned dis- tributor partners. Serrallés USA will ex- pand its current distribution relationship with RNDC and the Breakthru Beverage Group. Serrallés will now be mar- keted throughout their respective networks. Additionally, Serrallés USA is forging a new distribution relationship with Young's Market, who will distribute the alcohol company's portfolio. Serrallés USA will also expand its distribution relationship with Johnson Brothers and continue its long-term rela- tionship with MS Walker. SAZERAC PURCHASES SOUTHERN COMFORT AND TUACA FROM BROWN-FORMAN The Sazerac Company has completed its purchase of the Southern Comfort brand. The company hails the purchase as a "long-time staple of New Orleans . . . fi nally coming back to its roots," according to a press release. The precursor brand to Southern Comfort — Cuffs & Buttons — was created by M. W. Heron while he worked as a bartender in New Orleans, the home base of Sazerac. Thus, Sazerac plans to restore the New Orleans connection in Southern Comfort's branding and packaging, worldwide. Sazerac also announced that it has completed the acquisition of Tuaca. Tuaca is a brandy- based spirit that was fi rst imported from Italy in the 1950s. Tra- ditionally, Tuaca is served as a cold shot, through the vanilla citrus fl avor makes it useable in a range of mixed drinks.

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