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Page 47 of 59 48 • March/April 2016 Box now dedicates its pews to serving thirsty consumers with a draft system that features more than 30 beer taps. IPA FOUR WAYS English IPA is a palatable entry point to this family of beer, though the specifi cs of its origin are enveloped in legend. When 18th century British merchants sent beer to India, the shipments had to circumnavigate the south of Africa, This journey exposed the beer casks to widely fl uctuating temperatures and erratic jostling. The alpha and beta acids in hops are antimicrobial and prevent bacterial growth, so brewers could preserve the beer in warmer climates by increasing hops. Modern English-style IPAs are typically amber to copper colored, ranging from 5% to 7.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) and 40 to 60 International Bitterness Units (IBUs). Bitterness is balanced, ranging from moderate to assertive, and bready, biscuit-like malt is present. Goose Island IPA and Brooklyn East IPA are early American representations of this style that remain top examples today. American IPA amplifi es its predecessor using West Coast hops and bumping up the alcohol to 5.5% to 7.5% ABV and the bitterness to 40 to 70 IBUs. These beers are gold to copper in color, and the American hops most commonly used have citrus, fl oral, and pine notes. Brew an IPA even stronger, with more hops and higher alcohol, and you have double/imperial IPA. This style boasts alcohol content from 7.5% to 10% ABV and 60 to 120 IBUs. Imperial IPA looks just like American IPA, but must be presented in smaller servings for responsible consumption and to keep cost reasonable. The three aforementioned styles are recognized by the Brewers Association and the Beer Judge Certifi cation Program (BJCP). Brett/wild IPA is the newest subcategory of IPA. Take the basic structure of American IPA and inoculate the brew Ashland Hill, which offers a number of West Coast brews on tap, encourages guests taste IPAs before ordering if they are on the fence.

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