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May 2016

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32 | Boating Industry | May 2016 sunshade on smaller boats. Using specialized mounting brackets, RTX can be installed on hardtops, T-tops, arches or towers. A manually operated and fully self-supported shade, RTX re- quires no electrical wiring or obstructive support poles and can be factory installed or aftermarket. TACO MARINE SEASPENSION PEDESTAL SYSTEM The Taco Marine Seaspension Pedestal System is a shock-mitigating system for helm seats on both recreational and commercial boats. The low-pro- file design is the lowest fully engineered pedestal system in the industry. The Seaspension Pedes- tal System comes with integrated auto forward position lock feature with a swivel function for added safety. The system meets ABYC H-31's standards for seat structures and is also available in custom color power-coat finish or polished version. TORQEEDO CRUISE 10.0 Torqeedo introduced a new flagship model for its low-voltage Cruise line in 2015, the Cruise 10.0. This 20 horse- power-equivalent, e m i s s i o n - f r e e outboard can plane light boats at speeds up to 28 mph and moves dis- placement hulls from 3 to 10 tons at up to 9 mph. Designed to be a clean, green and quiet alter- native for commercial and recreational users who prefer the simplicity and easy handling of a low-voltage system, but require more speed, thrust and power than previously available. TOUCAN TOUCH Dominion and Jester Communications have partnered to create an inventory application for marine dealerships in North America and abroad. Built on JCOM's proprietary "Tou- can Touch" application, it is designed to work with all of Dominion's Network, including Boat Trader, YachtWorld, and Cosas de Barcos. Toucan Touch is built to simplify com- munication and streamline sales efforts by man- aging inventory and showcasing products. VDO ACQUALINK MARINE VESSEL MONITORING SYSTEM VDO AcquaLink is a CANbus-based marine monitoring system that can be installed on both new and old vessels, even pre-NMEA boats with older analog engines. VDO AcquaLink incorpo- rates sensors, displays, gauges and "black boxes" that tie all engine, navigation and operation inputs into a combined network. The network can dis- play all data on the main bridge/helm, fly bridge and aft docking station, using multifunction TFT liquid-crystal displays and VDO AcquaLink instru- ments. AcquaLink features a modular design that allows for easy expansion in the future. VOLVO PENTA NEXT-GENERATION 5.3L V8-300 AND -350 ENGINES The next generation Volvo Penta engines, based on GM's Gen V aluminum blocks, introduced sev- eral features including lightweight all-aluminum, common-rail direct fuel injection, freshwater cooling standard in all models and more. Volvo Penta has designed a Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) that integrates the freshwater and raw water pumps, heat exchanger, expan- sion tank, oil cooler, engine oil filter, marine al- ternator, power steering, fuel system and other components, all driven by one serpentine belt. All service points are in the same place across the line and accessible from the front of the engine. WAKE WORX SUPER SURF'R WAKE SURFING TABS Volvo Penta's Forward Drive made it possible to have an I/O powered boat be safe to wakesurf behind. Wake WorX worked hand-in-hand with Volvo Penta and its major OEM builders to in- vent a surf tab system that produces a clean and well shaped surf wave on either side of a Volvo Forward Drive equipped boat. The Wake WorX tabs provide the benefits of traditional trim tabs and help get the boat on plane faster particularly when ballasted for towed water sports and help correct for list caused by loading or wind. WAVECONTROL BY WAKEMAKERS WakeMakers has introduced the first aftermarket retrofittable wakesurf system. Boat owners now can gain the convenience of instantly changing the surf side with the push of a button. It also gives the driver the option to fine tune the surf

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