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Page 38 of 51 39 May 2016 • development laboratory in Minneapolis," says Uri, and then opened to the public last year. He believes kombucha makes a good mixer and is highly versatile for pairing with food, thanks to the acidity and live cultures. "You can even blend kombucha with a favorite draft beer to make a tabletop sour, with tartness levels adjusted to the taste of the customer." Uri makes a Gin And Tonic with Prohibition's Sicilian kombucha and a housemade quina bark tincture prepared from a recipe in Jeffrey Morgenthaler's The Bar Book. The bark tincture adds depth to the citrus flavors of the kombucha. KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS Indeed, kombucha's tangy flavors heighten the impact of citrus fruits, spices and herbs. Beyond the tabletop sour blend of "buch and beer," there are countless riffs on classic cocktails for summer, where the spritzy texture and light alcohol of kombucha will sparkle. In North Carolina, the Lenny Boy Brewing Co. makes a full range of kombucha, wild ales, sour beers and traditional beer, inspiring local bars and chefs to adapt classic drinks. "Selling kombucha to customers starts with tasting," according to Bob Peters, head mixologist at the Punch Room of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Charlotte, NC. "I tell the customer that it's an ancient Asian living tea and amazing for your health and digestion." Kombucha extends the range of the Punch Room's cocktail program because it's so flexible in pairing with herbal flavors. "Most people are willing to give it a try, particularly as the Lenny Boy kombucha line has really accessible flavors like ginger, strawberry and mint," Peters says. "We have a rooftop garden here at the hotel, planted with fresh herbs, berries, vegetables and flowers that our kitchen and bar staff harvest in season," he says. "I've even used cilantro and jalapenos in a beet-juice based kombucha cocktail for a really savory effect." Using Lenny Boy's ginger kombucha, Peters created a version of the Pimm's Cup classic that's sweetened with apricot syrup and enhanced with lavender and mint. "I enjoy kombucha as a mixer because it is a little different, with some funk, tartness and a little bit of umami," Peters adds. "It's got a light bubble, so it can stand in for other mixers, but it's not as sweet as a soda so I can use our house-made simple syrups and herbal infusions." At Zingerman's Roadhouse in Ann Arbor, MI, bartender Alibeth Vandergrift uses the Unity Vibration ginger kombucha as a base for cocktails. "We like to carry really full-flavored products, and their kombucha fits well with our mission," says Vandergrift. For her Kombucha Accord cocktail, with Bols genever and Cointreau, Vandergrift tweaks the flavors of Unity Vibration ginger kombucha with pomegranate, citrus and basil. "By mixing the kombucha in a cocktail, I can dial back the tangy notes and create something accessible and delicious," Vandergrift says. "Also, our customer who tries kombucha on premise isn't necessarily the same demographic buying kombucha at Whole Foods, so it's a chance to experiment with something that tastes really different." Lucy Saunders is a freelance writer based in Milwaukee, WI, and author of five cookbooks, including Dinner In The Beer Garden. Tea up! Kombucha Accord Alibeth Vandergrift of Zingerman's Roadhouse tweaks the flavors of Unity Vibration ginger kombucha with pomegranate, citrus and basil. 2 Basil leaves, muddled in shaker 1 oz. Bols Genever ½ oz. Pomegranate syrup ½ oz. Fresh lemon juice ½ oz. Cointreau 3 to 4 oz. Unity Vibration ginger kombucha Muddle the basil and add genever, pomegranate syrup, lemon juice and Cointreau. Add 3 to 4 ice cubes and shake well. Strain into coupe and top with ginger kombucha to taste. Garnish with basil sprig. Kombucha Pimm's Cup Bob Peters, head mixologist at the Punch Room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Charlotte, NC, created this adap- tation of the Pimm's Cup classic. His version is sweetened with apricot and mint to balance the ginger kombucha. 2 oz. Pimm's 5 oz. Lenny Boy's Good Ol' Ginger kombucha 1 oz. Apricot syrup Juice from one lime wedge Fresh lavender and mint, to garnish Mix Pimm's, kombucha and apricot syrup. Pour over ice in highball. Garnish with lime, lavender and mint.

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