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June 2016

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36 JUNE 2016 Good Fruit Grower A fter 20 years of development, a Canadian company is expecting its fi rst commercial crop of genetically modifi ed apples in 2016 while awaiting approval to forge ahead with its third and latest variety, Arctic Fuji. Okanagan Specialty Fruits plans to harvest and pack about 50 bins of Arctic Golden Delicious apples and plant its fi rst Arctic Granny Smith apples this year. The Summerland, British Columbia, company devel- ops and produces apples genetically modifi ed to not turn brown when sliced. Specialty Fruits received approval for Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny apples from food and plant health agencies in both countries early in 2015 and planted about 15 acres of Goldens in Washington, said Neal Carter, company president and founder. Those trees will The next GMO apple With Arctic Golden Delicious set to be the fi rst commercial crop of genetically modifi ed apples, plans are underway for an Arctic Fuji. by Ross Courtney New Varieties PHOTOS COURTESY OF OKANAGAN SPECIALTY FRUITS The Arctic Fuji apple is awaiting approval from the U.S. and Canadian governments. Meanwhile, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, the Canadian company that produces apple varieties that have been genetically modifi ed to not turn brown, is expecting to harvest its fi rst commercial crop of about 50 bins this year, all in Washington. Okanagan Specialty Fruits has already received approval to grow its genetically modifi ed Arctic Granny and Arctic Golden varieties.

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