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tobaccoasia 27 STORY TELL YOUR BRAND Boegli–Gravures can help you to develop subtle, refined and ingenious ways of elevating your brand's characteristics and enhance your consumer brand experience. Let us partner with you to bring new dimensions to your marketing. Sans titre-1 6 12.05.2015 12:04:10 culture, and presently, there is no plan for adding such graphic health warnings", which immediately aroused controversy among the public. Therefore, at this time, the printing of graphic health warn- ings on cigarette packets in China seems unlikely. Regardless of whether the statement made by the deputy chief of STMA was opportune or not, at the very least, it revealed a cultural factor, which makes it difficult to impose such health warnings and warning messages on cigarette packaging. China's traditional aesthetic outlook In other countries, the design of cigarette packag- ing is often simple and plain. On the contrary, the design of cigarette packaging in China always em- phasizes beauty and the sense of quality, with very complex and florid application of colors. There- fore, the name of cigarette brands and the design of cigarette packets are both part of the country's rich tapestry of traditional aesthetic and have a his- torical and cultural significance. It is very common to see cigarette packets bearing images of famous maintains, rivers, histor- ical sites, well-known buildings, rare and precious national treasures, and rare flowers. For example, the big Chinese cigarette brands, including Chungh- wa, Mount Huangshan, Panda, Peony and The Pavilion of Prince Teng, all have such designs or images on their packaging. Moreover, cigarette packaging is often ethnic in character and makes ample use of traditional designs and symbols. Many mainstream cigarette brands including Chunghwa, Double Hap- piness, and Baisha all use designs of the Tiananmen gate, ornamental columns, white cranes, etc. In addition, more than 70% of all cigarette packets use red (as it represents harmony and celebration) or gold (because it creates a sense of wealth and The name of cigarette brands and the design of cigarette packets are both of China's traditional aesthetic ideology and historical and cultural influence.

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