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tobaccoasia 63 production of e-liquid, and rapidly grew into the world's leading e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world. First Union Group Shenzhen, China || InterSupply Booth 3B.D60 Established in 2004, FirstUnion Group is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the world and is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Employing more than 5,000 staff, the company now has three factories providing disposable e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, and others, such like its successful IGO, EGO, IPCC series. Flavoriq Dubai, United Arab Emirates | | InterSupply Booth 3B.A56 Founded in 2014 and backed by over 60 years of experience from its strategic partner Hertz Flavors, FLAVORIQ is a premium supplier of e-flavors and e-liquids in industrial quantities. All made in Germany, the entire range of products have been designed especially for vaping and come with full, worldwide product compliance support. Based on the company's extensive product and market knowledge, our innovative flavor designs define taste and are of the highest quality. Golden Tobacco Limited Gujurat, India | | InterTabac Booth 5.C05 Golden Tobacco, established in 1930 is a professionally managed organization in the field of tobacco and tobacco related products. The company offers customers an exceptional variety of the finest tobacco products (mainly cigarettes and cigars) , which meet world-class standards of quality and consistency, and is a valid example of contemporary manufacturing techniques in all sizes and types of packing , professional marketing, good HR practice and quality control systems. For export markets, Golden Tobacco offers the brands June, Just Black, Legend, and Lips. Innokin Technology Co Ltd Shenzhen, China | | InterTabac Booth 6.B30 Innokin is a pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of leading edge vape, e-cigarette technology, and design including: magnetic connection, pen vaporizer cap, LED power indicator, 'vape while charging', VaCaps cartridge system, InnokinCell LiPo vape power system, RTC (reactive temperature control) technology, and much more. Keenpack Hong Kong, China | | InterSupply, Booth 3B. A60 Keenpack, a tin can manufacturer with a factory in Guangdong Province, China, is managed by a European team. Keenpack products tobacco tins according to its customer's color specifica- tions and guarantees top quality processing. Its market is mainly based on exports and its customers are famous brands around the world. Products include snuff tins, hinged tin cigarette packs, cigar boxes, etc. With 10 production lines and 300 workers, Keenpack can output over four million tin cans monthly. Librex Hong Kong Hong Kong, China | | InterTabac Booth 8.A14 SheeCool Hookah "Vase" is an exceptional patented hookah freezable water tank/vase that provides long lasting smoking joy. Unlike conventional hookah pipes that loses efficiency and taste after minutes of use, SheeCool retains a "smooth" sensational taste with every puff that can last up to three hours by preserving the flavor two times more than the normal hookah/ shisha water tank. SheeCoal is the replacement of traditional charcoal. Moon Shanghai Shanghai, China | | InterTabac Booth 6.E24 MOON GROUP, founded in 2010 is a leading manufacturing and trading group of cigarette rolling papers (RYO Papers) in China, specialized in manufacturing the MOON brand cigarette rolling papers, RYO filters, tobacco accessories, etc. MOON GROUP is the biggest manufacturer of RYO papers in China with the production capacity of 30 million booklets a year. MOON GROUP offers the OEM service of RYO papers to customers. Pacific Cigar Hong Kong, China | | InterTabac Booth 4.C06 Siglo Accessory was developed by the Pacific Cigar Company Limited and launched in Hong Kong in 2003. It quickly gained popularity among cigar aficionados because of its simple design, contemporary colors, quality, craftsman- ship, and price. Siglo offers a wide range of Siglo men's accessories and cigar trimmings, from cigar humidors, ashtrays, cigar cutters, cigar cases, lighters and much more. ProTech High Technology Hwasegong-City, Korea | | InterTabac Booth 4.E10 Since 1994 ProTech specializes in developing luxury rolling machines and tubing machines, filling machines, accessories for roll-your-own and make-your-own tobacco products. ProTech received ISO 9001 certification and continues to develop its luxury tobacco products for RYO and MYO in for its customers' needs. Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Ltd Shenzhen, China | | InterTabac Booth 5.D24 SMOK is the leading brand of ShenZhen IVPS Technology Co Limited, which is professional in researching and manufacturing electronic cigarette. Since 2010, SMOK has achieved an excellent reputation for its high quality, powerful innovation ability and outstanding customer service. SMOK Dual Coils Cartomizer brought the vaping industry into the Dual Coils Times, Telecopic Mechanical MOD into a vital world, Besides, Vmax/Zmax into a variable voltage and wattage era. Silverfoiltubes International Inc. Manila, Philippines | | InterTabac Booth 5.C28 Silverfoiltubes is an international manufacturer and supplier of high quality filtered cigarette tubes for the worldwide market. Only the finest materials are used in its production and packaging processes to ensure the production of the best cigarette tubes. This includes paper, packaging materials, and filter raw material sourced from some of the world's largest and most renowned suppliers. SOEX India Pvt Ltd Mumbai, India | | InterTabac Booth 5.A46 India's leading manufacturer of best-in-class tobacco flavors under brand Afzal and herbal flavors under brand Soex. Connoisseurs of premium quality tobacco and herbal products worldwide take immense pride in Soex brands an integral part of their lifestyle. Soex constant innovation in flavors and taste gives the company the cutting edge to create new markets and deliver a unique experience to its customerds.

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