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BY PETE DAVIE From APPS to INTEGRATION What's Next for Location-Based Services? Today = Apps Today's meeting is in San Francisco. The address already is in a calendar appointment, so it's easy to cut and paste it from there into my TomTom navigation app. Rush hour has passed, so traffic isn't too bad. But on arrival in the city, it takes an extra 15 minutes to find parking, which is charged at a full day rate, even though we're only there for a couple of hours. A quick search on Yelp to find a coffee shop where we can grab something before the meeting and then a check-in on Foursquare to check for deals (we're a big 26 GEO W ORLD / JUNE 2O12 fan of the Foursquare/AMEX partnership). The meeting runs long, and, by the time we get back to the car, traffic is already backing up heading south. The navigation app re-routes us down I-280 instead of US-101. We send a Glympse home, so they know we're running late (much better than texting and driving). We check the OpenTable reservation for dinner tonight—should still make it if traffic isn't too bad. This fairly typical day used at least five location-specific apps, in addition to all the other daily use apps (e-mail, calendar, SMS, weather, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Industry Trends

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