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NGWA Makes It Easy for You to Promote 2016 Protect Your Groundwater Day NGWA encourages all water resource stakeholders and profes- sionals to mark the 2016 edition of Protect Your Groundwater Day (PYGWD), September 6, on your calendars so you can promote it to the public. Following are tools to promote PYGWD. If you have a website, use the links that follow to promote PYGWD and groundwater protection. You also can push these links out to the public on your Facebook page and on Twitter. Borrow any of the copy you want from the PYGWD webpage. Call your newspaper. Ask for a news radio interview. If you are a well owner, share this information with other well owners who may benefit from it. 1. Protect Your Groundwater Day webpage: www.ngwa.org/PYGWD 2. Groundwater and the earth's water resources: http://water.usgs.gov/edu/pdf/earthwherewater.pdf 3. Access statistics on groundwater use in your state by clicking on "Groundwater's Role in (Your State's) Economic Vitality" from the following link: www.ngwa.org/Member-Center/affiliate/Pages/ State-Associations%27-contact-information.aspx 4. Groundwater Protection PowerPoint presentation: https://ngwa.sharefile.com/d/s7094ba82a3645eb8 5. Groundwater Conservation PowerPoint presentation: https://ngwa.sharefile.com/d/sa34b3ca2d0a45e49 6. Free groundwater protection online lesson (requires per- son to register): www.wellowner.org/well-owner-lessons 7. Water conservation basics, tips, and water use calculator: http://wellowner.org/groundwater/conservation-matters 8. Water use calculator: http://info.ngwa.org/WaterUse Calc/WaterUseCalc.html 9. Protect Your Groundwater Day logo • Use this link for web version: www.dropbox.com/s/leqklz7q76ov2u7/protect%20 your%20GW%20day%202016.png?dl=0 • For high resolution version, email ctreyens@ngwa.org If you have questions about how to promote Protect Your Groundwater Day, or to get feedback, contact NGWA Director of General Public Outreach Cliff Treyens at (800) 551-7379, ext. 1554, or email ctreyens@ngwa.org. NGWA Offers Variety of Products to Help You Drill Safer and Smarter An assortment of NGWA products are available for you to drill safely and more efficiently, including: • Produced in collaboration with the video production com- pany, Training Without Boredom, Drill Safe, Drill Smart is a 30-minute DVD produced in an informative The LOG waterwelljournal.com 16 September 2016 WWJ Blistering speed. 70% less mess. Unique capabilities not found anywhere else. Picture a sonic drill in your future! SONIC DRILL CORPORATION Suite 190#120, 119 N. Commercial St., Bellingham, WA 98225 1-604-588-6081 www.sonic-drill.com Award-Winning Patented Technology Award-Winning Patented Technology

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