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56 STiR coffee and tea / Issue 4, 2016 (August/September) Story and photos By Jenny Neill Zwirnerei a. d. Wutach GmbH P.O. Box 1163 79778 Stühlingen · Germany Phone +49/ 7744/ 9396-0 Fax +49/ 7744/ 9396-20 TEA BAG THREAD FOR ALL TYPES OF TEA-PACKING MACHINES PROFILE Cascade Coffee's Kelly Johnson ascade Coffee was created out of the assets left behind when Proctor and Gamble bought the Millstone Coffee Company in the mid-1990s. Kelly John- son joined Cascade Coffee about 15 years later and at a time the company needed to re-invent itself in order to grow. Today she serves as president and chief operating officer. Johnson, along with the senior management team, has led the company through a series of improvements. That process involved employees at all levels of the orga- nization and has expanded capacity and increased the flexibility of the Everett, Wash. coffee processing plant. Today, the facility has 19 packaging lines, including a new Spreafico machine that can produce RealCup and EcoCup products. Other recent improvements include the addition of Viking Masek machines for packaging coffee in a variety of formats—from standard retail sizes to larger packages suitable for club packs. Cascade Coffee also uses regenerative thermal oxidation to recover the heat from roasting, and relies primarily on two Probat machines (R1500 and R2000 models) to roast nearly 50 million pounds of coffee per year. STiR: How did you come to work in coffee? Johnson: It's actually an amusing story. I was self-employed as a business manager for rock-n-roll musicians and one of my clients was Stephen Stills. Neil Young reached out to him to reunite their 1960s era band Buffalo Springfield for the Bridge School Benefit. They had so much fun doing it that they decided to do a reunion tour and that summer I was set to be the business manager for that, but it turned out that Neil Young had some other obligations—a film, in particular—and so the tour was can- celled. I suddenly had a lot of time when I thought I'd be working. Phil Johnson had just rejoined Cascade after a sabbatical and mentioned they were so busy, that they needed help, so I volunteered. From politics to rock-n-roll to coffee, c.o.o. Johnson's rise at Cascade Coffee C Kelly Johnson, president and c.o.o. of Cascade Coffee

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