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tobaccoasia 51 Meet us at GTNF 2016 in Brussels. WE LOVE TINS. TINS LOVE TOBACCO. 100% RECYCLABLE 100% NATURAL BLEND In terms of raw materials supply, China Tobacco Jiangxi Industrial designated high-quality raw materials production areas in accordance with the demand of the Jinsheng brand. the general situation of a slowdown in economic growth and weak demand for goods and services, cigarette sales there have been negatively impacted. So far, the economy has entered a "new normal" state featuring moderate but more stable econom- ic growth in the medium-to-long term, following decades of double-digit rapid growth. Presently, the "new" situation in economic operation is ob- vious, but the widely anticipated "normal" is still to be realized. Therefore, it is necessary to com- plete a process of improving the quality of growth in economic operation, and develop a new plat- form for medium-to-high speed growth on an as- long-as-possible term. Where can companies get the driving force needed for increasing domestic demand that will lead to high growth in future? Doubtlessly, the driving force will probably stem from unswerving adherence to innovation-driven development. It was in 2015 when the tobacco industry un- derwent a new round of reform and development toward the "new normal" and when cigarette brands increasingly competed with one another that CT Jiangxi unveiled its strategy to make the Jinsheng brand more competitive. In 2015, CT Jiangxi completed the process of improving the quality of 12 specifications of its cigarette products in production; completed the development of five new specifications of Jinsheng brand cigarettes (Tengwangge hard pack, soft pack, and slims) and Ruixiang slims and soft pack) and successfully presented them to the mar- ket; and completed the development of five other specifications of the Jinsheng brand family (Teng- wangge (Yuzhouchangwan and Jinyetianxiang), Hongruixiang, Classic Ruixiang, and Zhisheng- chushan (15+1). What caught the attention of the tobacco in- dustry is that in comparison with dozens of new cigarette products presented to the marketplace

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