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2 6 | B U L L D O G | 2 0 1 6 V 2 TRENDS A roundup of the numbers that drive your business. SAFETY DRIVERS THAT'S THE NUMBER of new heavy-duty engine oil formulations hitting shelves in December, giving you a 50-percent chance of selecting the right one for your needs. "You need to make sure you know which one you're supposed to use," says Kevin Ferrick with the American Petroleum Institute. "Oils are different enough and unique enough today that you need to be sure you're buying the right oil." CK-4 oils will essentially replace the current CJ-4 oil spec on the market today and will be backwards compatible with diesel engines currently using CJ-4. FA-4 will be much more limited in its use and will be recommended almost exclusively for 2017 year-model engines and newer, and then only for long-haul applications. Check with your Mack dealer to ensure you make the right choice. SAFETY EQUIPMENT HEALTH SAFETY COSTS THAT'S WHAT TRUCKING SPENT on diesel fuel in 2015, the lowest diesel expenditure since 2009. The industry burned 38.8 billion gallons and paid on average 51.8 cents per gallon in state and federal taxes. Source: American Trucking Associations 2 $105.2 billion SITTING FOR MORE THAN 10 HOURS A DAY — hello truckers! — is linked to an 8 percent increase in the risk of developing heart disease, according to JAMA Cardiology as reported in the Washington Post. Conversely, staying active and getting regular exercise can help lower cardiovascular disease risk, experts say. Rear guard How is sitting affecting your health? 47% Causing serious damage Causing slight damage 11% Having no effect 30% 9% Not sure It's improved my health 3.04% Source: overdriveonline.com online poll DETENTION TIME is one of the biggest headaches carriers face, according to a recent survey by DAT Solutions. In fact, 84 percent of survey respondents said detention is one of the top fi ve biggest problems they face, with nearly 63 percent saying their drivers spend more than three hours detained at shippers' and receivers' facilities each time they pick up or deliver a load. Another 54 percent reported typical detention times of three to four hours, while 9 percent said they wait more than fi ve hours at docks. The survey also found that only 3 percent of responding carriers were able to collect detention fees on at least 90 percent of their claims at a rate of $30 to $50 an hour. The waiting is the hardest part ASKED TO LIST the truck features that are most important to them, professional drivers responding to a Truckers News survey selected "special seat that improves comfort for long hours of driving" as their No. 1 answer. Best seat(s) in the house Special seat: 70.7% Auxiliary power unit (APU): 62.4% Late model truck: 58.9% Larger sleeper: 56.7% Mobile communications: 35% Top 5 truck features most important to professional drivers Source: Truckers News What do Drivers Want? survey ON-HIGHWAY

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