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Nonrequested Distribution: (1) Outside County Nonrequested Copies stated on PS Form 3541: 3,991; 5,116. (2) In-County Nonrequested Copies stated on PS Form 3541: 125; 310. (3) Nonrequested Copies Distributed Through the USPS by Other Classes of Mail: 0; 0. (4) Nonrequested Copies Distributed Outside the Mail: 0; 0. e. Total Nonrequested Distribution: 4,116; 5,426. f. Total Distribution: 20,822; 22,338. g. Copies not Distributed: 535; 274. h. Total: 21,357; 22,612. i. Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation: 80.23%; 75.71%. 16. If total circulation includes electronic copies, report that circulation on lines below. a. Requested and Paid Electronic Copies: 2,354; 2,987. b. Total Requested and Paid Print Copies + Requested/Paid Electronic Copies: 19,060; 19,899. c. Total Requested Copy Distribution + Requested/Paid Electronic Copies: 23,176; 25,325. d. Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation: 82.00%; 78.00%. I Certify that 50% of all my distributed copies (Electronic & Print) are legitimate requests: Yes 17. Publication of Statement of Ownership for a Requester Publication is required and will be printed in the 11/01/2016 issue of this publication. 18. Signature and Title of Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, or Owner: Joanne M Juda-Prainito, Sr. VP Market Development, 10/11/2016. I certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits material or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions (including fines and imprisonment) and/ or civil sanctions (including civil penalties). themselves and seeing how much fun wakesurfing really is." "The impact of the Volvo Penta Forward Drive has been very positive because it is bringing new people to boating," notes Ron Huibers, president of Volvo Penta Americas. "We have heard countless stories where customers who have new Forward Drive-powered boats have taken guests out on the water and introduced them to water sports, such as the exciting sport of wakesurfing. The Forward Drive is having a significant impact on the industry because it gets more people out on the water and allows them to fully enjoy the best family activity there is." One would think that the arrival of new competitors would irk tow boat manufacturers, but that doesn't seem to be the case. "Many people in the industry are trying to connect to the wakesurfing phenomena and I under- stand that," said Yeargin. "These non-tow boat companies produce good quality product that draws more attention to wakesurfing. In the end I think it helps the tow boat market, because it draws more attention to the sport which makes people who may have been in the market for a non-tow boat to consider the tow boat brands." McNew also welcomes the arrival of surf-style boats built on the Volvo platform. "Because wakesurfing is done close to the transom we've never supported sterndrive boat build- ers advertising surf capabilities, just because of the proximity between the surfer and the propellers and the chance that someone could be injured," he says. "So when Volvo Penta brought out their forward-facing drives, we applauded it because it's so much safer. We don't see that system as a direct threat, to the contrary we're happy to see more boat builders introducing consumers to water sports, and reaching a broader audience than we could reach on our own. We look at it as a feeder system, almost, because it generates interest. When people want to get more serious about surfing, they'll look at our product line." Forecasting future growth With the growing popularity of wakesurfing and an apparent industry focus on promoting water sports in general, the question for tow boat builders is just how long the wave will last. After all, low double- digit or high single digit growth for five straight years is a difficult metric to sustain. "Because the tow boat segment has been growing there is a perception in the industry that the category is doing great," Yeargin said. "However, we are still only about two-thirds our pre-down- turn numbers while the number of competitors in the segment has also increased. As a market, we Water sports enthusiasts are embracing surfing.

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