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2 0 1 6 V 3 | BULLDOG | 5 TRENDS A roundup of the numbers that drive your business. SAFETY DRIVERS SAFETY INFRASTRUCTURE Why she drives WOMEN TRUCK DRIVERS are in high demand these days, (along with their male counterparts, of course). Fleets trying to woo female drivers express interest in how and why women choose trucking careers. A recent She Drives Trucks survey asked women truckers why they choose trucking as a career. The top three answers: They like working in a nontraditional industry for women, they have a desire to see the country and they enjoy good pay and benefi ts. In fact, when asked to describe their trucking job, 54.6 percent say they love their job. More money and more home time are the top reasons they say they would leave their current company to work for another trucking company. THIEVES STOLE 7 PERCENT more freight in the third quarter of 2016, compared with the prior year, according to FreightWatch International. Electronics and home and garden goods were the most stolen items, followed by food and drinks. TVs, appliances and meat and produce also topped thieves' lists. Highway Robbery CARGO THEFT Electronics Home/garden Food/drinks Personal care Building/ industrial Clothing/ shoes Auto/ parts Pharmaceuticals 18 % 18 % 17 % 10 % 8 % 7 % 6 % 5 % Other 11 % 72 % SAFETY COSTS THAT'S HOW MUCH fl eets' per- mile operational costs dropped in 2015, from $1.70 to $1.59, according to data from the American Transportation Research Institute. For the fi rst time since ATRI began compiling the annual report, fuel was not carriers' top expense. THAT'S THE PROJECTED INCREASE in heavy truck travel by 2030, a reality that adds to the wear and tear on the nation's already stressed urban roads and highways. Currently, there is a $740 billion backlog in improvements needed to restore roads, highways and bridges to the level of condition and performance needed to meet the nation's transportation demands, according to AASHTO. SAFETY FREIGHT TRUCK TONNAGE is slated to expand 2.1 percent annually through 2022 and then 1.1 percent each year to 2027. At the same time, truck revenue will grow an average of 4.8 percent annually through 2022 and then slow to 4.5 percent per year over the remainder of the forecast period. 10,554 10,801 12,197 13,380 $739 $781 $1,008 $1,259 Forecast: A decade of steady growth Source: American Trucking Associations 2016 Forecast. Volume Revenue (Millions of Tons) (Billions of Dollars) What went down … … And what went up 10 ¢ More than 58.3 cents per mile 40.3 cents per mile 15.8 cents per mile 15.6 cents per mile Fuel Repair/Maintenance 46.2 cents per mile 49.9 cents per mile 7.1 cents per mile 9.2 Cents per mile Driver wages Insurance '14 '15 '14 '15 '14 '15 '14 '15 '16 '17 '22 '27 '16 '17 '22 '27 18 ¢ .2 ¢ 2.1 ¢ 3.7 ¢ -18.2 ¢ +5.8 ¢

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