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January 2017

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36 JANUARY 1, 2017 GOOD FRUIT GROWER New red-flesh apple varieties make their debut in Spain I FORED, a multinational project started in 2012 to develop and market red-flesh apples, introduced its first new vari- eties during Fruit Attraction, an international trade show held in Madrid in October. The three new vari- eties all come from IFO (International Fruit Obtention), a F r e n c h c o m p a n y with a range of red- flesh varieties under development since the late 1990s using only natural breeding techniques. IFO is one of 15 apple producers from 13 countries participating in the IFORED project, which also includes Next Big Thing in the United States and Canada. The new apples, the result of more than 20 years of research involving third- and fourth-generation red-flesh varieties, will receive commercial names later. The research names and descriptions follow: —R201 has an intense red skin with prominent lenticels, a bright red flesh and a taste with notes of berry. The har - vest period is similar to Braeburn. —Y101 has an orange skin with yellow lenticels and pink-red flesh. The texture is firm and juicy, while the taste balances good sugar and acidity levels. The harvest period is at the end of Gala. —Y102 has a yellow skin with prominent lenticels, pink flesh and good storage qualities. It is harvested after Golden Delicious. The first commercial plantings for the varieties are expected in 2018. Quiedan touts trellis system A tube/hoop trellis system designed by Quiedan Co. in partnership with Wilson Irrigation has been in place for six seasons at several apple orchards in Eastern Washington with no failures. The system, which is designed for high-density orchards with large crop loads, has withstood variable weight, soil and weather conditions. Dan McNamara, founder of Quiedan, says the system works thanks in part to the combination of the 35-foot spread between steel posts along with the strength of wires under high tension. The tubular profile provides a high strength-to-weight ratio. The system is made up of a 3-foot steel gable post installed 2 feet in the ground, with two 11.5-foot tubular uprights attached to the gable stake with a U plate. A brace connects the two uprights about 8 feet off the ground and a hoop connects adjacent uprights. In addition to apples, the system is also being used in California to support hops. For more information, contact Steve Kuhn at Wilson Irrigation at 509-728-1929. GOOD DEALS… products and services for progressive growers ORCHARD SUPPLIES AVAILABLE FOR RENT: 509-961-8252 DELIVERY OPTIONS AVAILABLE Rhonda Calahan Perfect for Wineries, BreWeries & Distilleries TRANSTORE Portable 350 and 550 gallon jacketed stainless steel. FIRE & ICE Portable heating and chilling units. Tank2x51.15v1.indd 1 11/17/2014 4:02:48 PM TRANSTORE Portable 350- and 550-gallon jacketed stainless steel. FIRE & ICE Portable heating and chilling units. Protect Your Investment with Wilson Advanced Technology Fabrics • Bird and insect netting • Hail netting systems • Shade and wind fabrics • Machine-harvest berry netting systems • Weed control mats • Professional grade materials to ensure maximum yield Call your Wilson sales representative or: 509-453-9983 C J A Clark Jennings & Associates, Inc. AG Real Estate and Financial Services Call us today: Yakima: 509-248-5600 • $557,000 Zillah, Washington. 48 gross acres. 17 acres planted in cherries, apples and pears. 12 acres in wine grapes, 14 acres open/plantable. Roza Irrigation. Shop with well and septic. Contact Dave Smeback (969-0312) with any questions. $349,900 38.71 acres of open land with 29 acres of water right from Yakima/Tieton Irrigation District. Would be well suited for development to Honeycrisp. No buildings. Contact Steve Weber (952-0776) or Darren Hartman (961-3398) with any questions. 150+ acres of open irrigated ground coming up soon for sale. Contact Dave Smeback (969-0312) with any questions. WORKING ON NEW LISTINGS Call us today for an update. Steve Weber (509-952-0776), email; Dave Smeback (509-969-0312), email; Larry Zylstra (509-901-4003), email Lowell Ash (509-413-6233), email Jim O'Connor (509-546-1357), email REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE Eric Weinheimer, DESIGNATED BROKER, AG COM REAL ESTATE LLC Ag Com Real Estate To view this, or other properties, call: 509-845-4389 ±200 acres well-maintained mature cherries • Early fruit production area Yakima Valley • Relatively frost-free area • Senior water rights Benton ID • Frost and supplemental wells • Large frost pond and wind machines GOOD STUFF A selection of the latest products and services for tree fruit and grape growers The essential resource Download the 2016-2017 Buyer's Guide PHOTO COURTESY IFORED PHOTO COURTESY IFORED

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