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live in good health With the dog days of summer heading our way, there's no better way to cool off while eating right than with an all-natural and fresh smoothie recipes straight from the Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar Smooth Operator Don't let the hue scare you. This smoothie is jam-packed with the nutrients of spirulina, a microalgae rich in protein and highly regarded for its immune system boosting benefits, but goes down smoothly thanks to the sweetening fruit additions. If algae isn't your thing, replace it with parsley or spinach! The Green Dream 4 oz. mango 4 oz. pineapple 1 tsp. spirulina (blue sea algae) Fresh squeezed orange juice to blend Loaded with vitamin-boosting berries and digestion-soothing ginger this tasty blend soothes the belly and the soul. Add iced tea cubes (jasmine tea frozen in ice cube form) for a chilled refresher on hot summer days. Berry Charger A blend of health juices and locally Roseberry grown organic fruits, including the highly touted aronia berries (known for their antioxidant properties), results in a tangy and sweet treat perfect for morning, noon or night. 5 oz. aronia berries (such as Bellbrook Berry Farm's frozen berries) 3 oz. strawberries Splash of fresh-squeezed orange juice Splash of coconut water 2 tsp. fresh rosemary 4 oz. strawberries (or cherries!) 4 oz. mango 1 inch peeled ginger 3 jasmine iced tea cubes Apple juice to blend 12 BRAVA Magazine August 2012

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