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The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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www.fueloilnews.com | FUEL OIL NEWS | JANUARY 2017 37 THE TOESTER PRO-SERIES UNDER COUNTER FAN COILS This unit is developed with total ease of installation with the installer in mind. Features are front mounted 2 speed switch, 2 grille options, and Double Air Vent (2) 30" Flexible Stainless Steel connectors in each box connect easily to the standard NPT male adapters on each unit for the perfect No Torch Required installation. Designed to fit under cabinets in toe spaces. Center Fan Design, 2 Speed 4-Pole Shaded Motor, mainte- nance free operation. Heating Outputs from 4,000 to 19,000 Btu/ HR. Mestek Inc., Westfield, Mass. acquired Turbonics in 2016. TURBONICS | www.turbonicsinc.com ALLANSON 36-WATT SWORDFISH UVC SYSTEM Allanson International offers a 36-watt Swordfish Ultraviolet Air Purification System that will safely kill 99.9% of airborne microor- ganisms, including mold, fungus, viruses, bacteria and more, found in your indoor air. Effectively relieves allergy and asthma, and cold and flu symptoms. Easily and quickly mounts onto the ductwork of your warm air furnace or above the A/C coil. Protect your home and business environment with the patented, medical grade Swordfish ultraviolet air purification system. ALLANSON INTERNATIONAL | www.allanson.com CURE DAMP, MUSTY BASEMENTS & CELLARS AND IMPROVE INDOOR AIR QUALITY Tjernlund's reversible XCHANGER Basement Fan™ is a unique, energy-saving fan with a dehumidistat control to automatically ventilate basements or other areas of stale, musty or smelly air. Two reversible 90 CFM fans exhaust air from the interior, draw fresh outside air into the home or pro- vide a balanced air exchange. Uses only 40 watts verses over 1000 watts for a typical dehumidifier, saving over $100/year in electricity. Great for damp, musty basements, cellars, garages, storage areas, workshops or cabins. Built-in dampers. Simple plug-in electrical. TJERNLUND PRODUCTS, INC. | www.tjernlund.com ENHANCE PERFORMANCE OF DUCTLESS HEATING/COOLING, PTAC & STOVES/FIREPLACES Ultra quiet, AireShare™ Room- to-Room & Level-to-Level transfer fans distribute heated/ cooled air through interior walls/ floors to uncomfortable rooms. Move air to rooms not directly served by ductless heating/cooling, split system, PTAC & window A/C. Great for electric baseboard, stoves & fireplaces. Move air up or down for application flexibility. Destratify stagnant air & improve ventilation rates inside homes, condos and hotel rooms for greater comfort. Hardwire and plug- in models. TJERNLUND PRODUCTS, INC. | www.tjernlund.com PROPERLY DRAFT ORPHANED WATER HEATERS ELIMINATE ROOF FALL LIABILITIES The CSA1 Chimney Stack Assist Kit allows a water heater to be vented through an existing vent connector into an oversized chimney without adding a chimney liner. As a result of upgrades to direct vent condensing furnaces, water WARM AIR & HVAC PRODUCTS ROUNDUP: This selection of products has been specifically chosen to provide an overview of the technologies available in warm air and commercial heating/cooling/ventilation. It is by no means a complete list of state-of-the-art equipment currently on the market, but rather a sampling of the many fine products available.

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