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The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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www.fueloilnews.com | FUEL OIL NEWS | JANUARY 2017 39 INNER-TITE THERMAL CUT-OFFS The safe, reliable and economical way to protect your heating system. INNER-TITE Thermal Cut-offs are designed to discon- nect power to heating systems when room temperature exceeds 165ºF When heating system shuts off, flow of fuel oil or gas is discontinued, eliminating the possibility of heater damage, a fire or acceleration of an existing fire. Some of the key features: easy to install; available with 165ºF or 200ºF fuse; for residential or commercial use; can be wired into audible alarms; listed by Underwriters Laboratories. INNER-TITE | www.inner-tite-omco.com DETTSON OIL-FIRED WARM AIR FURNACES Dettson Oil-fired warm air furnaces are offered either with a refractory or stainless steel heat exchanger and come in both configurations of cabinet—low- boy (AMT) and high-boy (AMP)—and provide an AFUE up to 88.1% and are ENERGY STAR rated with Beckett (NX or AFG) and Riello burners. Also it offered is quick connect for the burner and integrated electronic controls for the cooling installations. The refractory heat exchanger offers front and rear flue as well as a combination of up flow, horizontal and down flow using either the Beckett (AFG or AFII) or Riello burner achieving up to 86.8% AFUE depending on the nozzle size. One of the great overall fea- tures with the entire Dettson Industries series of oil furnaces is a small footprint, coupled with the ability to do direct venting. DETTSON | www.dettson.com HONEYWELL VR8215 DIRECT IGNITION GAS VALVES VR8215S1503 AND VR8215T1502 Honeywell's two VR8215 direct ignition gas valves are designed to replace nearly all slow and standard opening VR8205 and VR8215 controls. A large installed base of these controls exists as many man- ufacturers used them in their direct ignition, gas appliances. This presents a growing replacement opportunity as they come out of warranty and you can capture that replacement business with valves from Honeywell. HONEYWELL ECC | www.forwardthinking.honeywell.com/ THERMO PRIDE CLHS GAS FURNACES T h e n e w C L H S L o w - P r o f i l e Highboy Gas Furnace is avail- able with a PSC or ECM blower motor and provides input rates from 75,000-125,000 BTUH. All models achieve a 95% AFUE with 3.5 to 5.0 tons of cooling. Energy Star qualified with ECM blower motor. Ten-year Peace of Mind Plus Warranty includes unit replacement and lifetime warranty on heat exchanger. Also includes a 10-year parts warranty. THERMO PRIDE | www.thermopride.com TJERNLUND PRODUCTS' CONSTANT PRESSURE CONTROL (COP2) WITH VFD SAVES ENERGY WITH PRECISE DRAFT & EXHAUST RT-Series Rooftop Inducers s o l v e d r a f t a n d e x h a u s t problems. COP2 Constant operating Pressure Control with Integral VFD and Transducer provide automatic modulation to actual demand. Save conditioned make-up air and reduce motor power consumption for increased energy savings. Provides consistent draft for efficient operation of common vented boilers & water heaters. Excellent for multiple clothes dryers in a common vent or controlling pressure of an exhaust chase for kitchen or bath fans serving multiple floors. Simple 120 VAC wiring & easy set point adjustment. TJERNLUND PRODUCTS, INC. | www.tjernlund.com THERMO PRIDE OIL MOBILE HOME FURNACES WITH ECM BLOWER MOTOR The OME-72T36 is equipped with an ECM blower motor with output rates at 60,000 and 72,000 BTUH, available in an Energy Star qualified version. This unit achieves an 86% AFUE with the Beckett AFG burner. Limited life- time warranty on the heat exchanger, transferable to subsequent homeown- ers for the lifetime of the furnace and a 10-year parts warranty to the original owner. THERMO PRODUCTS, LLC | www.thermopride.com LL-FUEL CHIMNEY PRODUCTS OFFERED BY HART & COOLEY Hart & Cooley offers the Model TLC all-fuel, double-wall insulated chimney product line. The Model TLC product line includes chimney lengths, elbows, tees, supports, shields, flashings, storm collars, rain caps and accessory parts. The Model TLC all-fuel chimney is the highest quality chimney available, featuring supe- rior corrosion-resistant type 304 series stainless steel construction for both the outer casing and inner flue. The simple twist-lock assembly is reinforced by stainless steel locking bands included with every pipe section, tee and elbow to ensure a secure installa- tion at every joint. HART & COOLEY | www.hartandcooley.com

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