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Fuel Oil News - March 2017

The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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36 MARCH 2017 | FUEL OIL NEWS | www.fueloilnews.com ing, which automates risk management and margin-protection, providing safety from any degree of market volatility. DRM INC. 33-A Village Landing Chatham, Mass. 02633 www.drmnet.com 800-255-5242 Fax: 508-945-1483 E-mail: info@drmnet.com Contact Person: Keith Phelan Marketing Area: Types of Service(s) offered: Software Sales & Support Offer Hardware: no Software Offered: A/R, Scheduling, Inventory Management Comments: Full-featured Fuel Management and Service Scheduling software system, backed by the customer support team you can depend on. ENERGY MERCHANT SOLUTIONS 410-908-9110 Fax: 800-918-7034 (my personal fax) Contact Person: Paul Roop F-RAMS, INC. P.O. Box 2964 Georgetown, Texas 78627 512-868-8101 Fax: 512-868-9115 E-mail: f-rams2@mindspring.com Contact Person: Ed or Erin McIntosh Marketing Area: Worldwide Types of Service(s) offered: F-Rams, Inc. offers an electronic fuel registration system that controls all vehicle delivery operations. The F-Rams family of products include the Nomad and Juno handhelds, the F-Rams Tablet, and the F-Rams Cloud. The F-Rams system does Delivery Tracking, Preset by Price & Gallons, Fleet Delivery, GPS, Pre-Buys, Wireless Transfer, Discounting, Step Pricing, Inventory Control, Real Time Tracking, Flow Rate Monitoring, F-Rams Cloud, Internet Capability, Send and Receive Messages to/from Drivers, Download New Customers, Batching/Real- time Data Receipt, Reprint Tickets, RFID, Service Fees, Reports, and more. The F-Rams interfaces with the Total Controls TCS3000, Liquid Controls LCRII, MID:COM E:Count, Actaris E4000, Veeder-Root EMR3, and mechanical registers. Offer Hardware: Yes. Software Offered: Yes. Comments: Our goal is to give your company quality products that are reasonably priced, proven to work in your industry, and superior customer service you can rely on. Contact Ed or Erin McIntosh for more information or visit www.f-rams.com. FACTOR, INC. 3030 NW Expressway, Suite 1500 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 800-654-3678 Fax: 405-948-8819 E-mail: sales@factor.com Contact Person: Jeff Westbrook Silver King Mfg. Co. Warrington, PA (215) 343-5337 Fax (215) 343-7252 www.silverkingmfg.com CLEAN & PROTECT BOILERS A clean boiler is more efficient and lasts longer. Hydronic formula #5 from Silver King Mfg. is scientifically formu- l a t e d t o c l e a n a n d p r o t e c t b o i l e r s a n d hydronic-heating systems. Hydronic #5 prevents formulation of insulating scale on heat-transfer surfaces; keeps dissolved solids in solution; frees and lubricates stuck zone valves; dissolves insulating sludge on tankless coils; pre- vents corrosion; protects and lubricates pump seals; is safe to use in all boilers; and is compatible with both ethylene glycol and propylene glycol antifreeze.

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