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March 2017

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EQUIPMENT FOCUS E N G I N E S 32 March 2017 Landscape and Irrigation KAWASAKI FX850V- EFI ENGINE Kawasaki's new FX850V-EFI engine is the latest member of its growing family of engines, utilizing the most technologically advanced EFI system ever built by the company. It incorporates a fully integrated electronic governor (e-Gov) and an advanced ECU that instantly matches power to cutting load and ground speed. These new features will allow professional landscapers to mow lawns more efficiently with Kawasaki performance and reliability they have come to expect. Developed specifically with the commercial market in mind, the all-new Kawasaki EFI system is available on select models of FX Series and FS Series engines, with plans to incorporate it in additional models. The FX850V-EFI joins two other units that currently employ the user-friendly EFI system: FX730V-EFI, and FS730V-EFI. Commercial usage has demanding needs, and this system responds with features focused on those needs. Helping to avoid typical hillside mowing slowdowns, the load-matching e-Gov system keeps drive wheels and cutting blades working at peak productivity. The elimination of power loss through the entire load range lets operators move quickly through almost any turf conditions. Designed to provide the utmost in support to professional landscapers, these powerplants — ranging from 25.5 hp. to the 29.5-hp. output in the new FX850V-EFI — are feature-laden entries in Kawasaki's family of engines. BRIGGS & STRATTON VANGUARD OIL GUARD SYSTEM Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power introduced the Vanguard Oil Guard System to its Vanguard 810 and Big Block commercial engine series. The Vanguard Oil Guard System offers major productivity gains by allowing landscape contractors to operate a commercial mower for 500 hours between oil changes. Initially, the new technology will be available on Ferris brand mowers. The Vanguard Oil Guard System continuously exchanges oil between the engine and a large remote oil reservoir located external to the engine. It protects engine oil from thermal breakdown, which extends maintenance intervals of the oil, and produces a cooler-running engine. And because operators have direct access to the oil filter and drain tube, changing the oil is quicker, easier and mess-free. The result is a more productive commercial zero-turn mower. The Vanguard Oil Guard System is a factory-integrated technology, not an aftermarket add-on, so the 3-year commercial engine limited warranty in its entirety applies. Ferris will have the Oil Guard System integrated into its Commercial models for the 2017 season. Ferris models with the Oil Guard System integrated include the IS 3200Z, IS 2100Z, F320Z, F210Z, SRS Z2 (stand- on), and FW35 (wide-area walk-behind). HONDA GC160-GCV160, GC190-GCV190 SERIES ENGINES The Honda GC Series offers powerful, versatile functionality that adds value to any engine- powered product. These compact, lightweight, 4-stroke engines were specifically designed to provide an ideal source of reliable, lightweight power for a variety of products including pressure washers, pumps, compressors and portable generators. Featured innovations include an internal timing belt, the efficiency and performance of an overhead cam layout, and the durability and lightweight uniblock construction. ■ Lightest engines in their class ■ Fast, easy, reliable starting, featuring a horizontal cross-flow intake port smoothing the flow of fuel into combustion chamber ■ Honda Auto Choke System ■ Reduced maintenance and fuel consumption

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