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March 2017

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6 March 2017 Landscape and Irrigation STAYING CURRENT ILLUSTRATION ABOVE ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SMARTBOY10 Why you should communicate with your clients about the benefits of managed landscapes THE FOCUS IS ON OUR INDUSTRY DURING SPRING ■ BY LISA SCHAUMANN Every spring, there is a surge of interest from the public and the media about all things landscaping. If you track Google Keywords, you will see the increased interest in landscaping and lawn care from about March through May. The focus is on our industry every spring, so that is when it is most important to make a special effort to communicate with your clients and the public about the environmental and social benefits of managed landscapes. That is one of the reasons we celebrate National Lawn Care Month in April. For years, NALP's legacy organization, PLCAA, promoted the benefits of lawn care in April when the public is the most excited about getting outside in their yards. Now, an industry coalition including OPEI, Turf Producers International and the Irrigation Association joins NALP to promote the benefits of lawns and landscapes during National Lawn Care Month. But it isn't just the national associations who should be doing it — you should too. We can't forget that there are detractors to our industry, and we can't get complacent. Lawns are under attack in the west where there are water restrictions; there are building code regulations that seek to limit lawns on new builds; there are local jurisdictions that are banning pesticides and fertilizers; and there are people who argue against lawns in favor of gardens, hardscapes, or meadows. You may be used to sharing landscape and lawn care tips and design advice with clients, but do you reinforce with them the environmental, social and mental health benefits that their

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